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Pull the Plug on the Supreme Court Freak Show

by Jim Condit, Jr.

When the forces of Judeo-Masonry caused the anti-Christian French Revolution in 1789, part of their program was to promote the “cult of the ugly.”

We would recognize the “cult of the ugly” in our day in the paintings of Picasso, many of the groups or “artists” elevated to national stardom in rap, hip-hop, rock music etc., -- and in recent appointments to the Supreme Court.


Obummer’s first offering, Sonia Sotomayor, was the first nominee confirmed who obviously did not have the intellectual horsepower to be a Supreme Court Justice. But, of course, the thoroughly-controlled Republicans went along with putting this anti-Christian, anti-American operative on the Court.

With regard to ugly, some of the pictures of Sotomayor from certain angles are enough to stop a clock – and the ugliness comes primarily from an EVIL countenance, including the worst indicator of all, evil eyes (the windows of the soul).

With the emergence of the Talmudic-Jewish-Supremacist Elena Kagan as Obummer’s latest nominee for the Supreme Court, it’s time to pull the plug on the Supreme Court Freak Show.

If the Republicans in Congress don’t stop this pro-abortion, pro-homo-rights anti-American, “Israeli”-firster from becoming a Supreme Court Justice, then what more proof could be needed that the GOP is under the TOTAL control of AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee)?


Kagan has never been a judge. She has only a few times argued a case in a court room. On top of everything else – THIS NOMINATION IS RIDICULOUS.

There are THOUSANDS of people more qualified than Kagan to be a Supreme Court Justice.

What Kagan is, though – is a straight out political operative for the diabolical Judeo-Masonic New World Order. She is 50 years old and she is what the Rothschild/Goldman Sachs Ruling Elite want: an aggressive, shameless operative for all that is evil, who they hope will do their bidding on the US Supreme Court for the next 25 years.

Kagan began her career as a clerk for the late Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, the first Black Supreme Court Justice. When asked who her favorite judge was back then, Kagan forgot the script and named an ISRAELI Judge.

(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) (Note to Kagan: You’re supposed to act in public as if your American citizenship was more important to you than your Israeli citizenship. You’re also supposed to act in public like you recognize a difference between those running Israel and those running the United States.)


By the way, reports are circulating on the internet that Sotomayor is, in fact, a marrano Jew, i.e., a secret Jew using Catholicism as a cover for public consumption. Her views, demeanor, comments – indicate that this very well could be the case. There is not a TRACE of a Catholic upbringing or attitude in this woman. If anyone has any information on this, please forward.

If Kagan is confirmed – that will bring the number of open Jews on the US Supreme Court to 3 out of 9. 33% for a people that comprise only 3% of the
US population. And, needless to say, all of these 3 are Talmudic, anti-Christian, ruthless Communist/Rothschild-Banker type Jews, -- not anti-New World Order types such as Henry Makow or the late Alan Stang. (The Rothschild Bankers have always been the power behind Communism; that’s Communism for you and your children, and Billionaire-Power status for the Banksters and their allies. So “Billionaire-Communist” is not a contradiction in terms, even though it appears to be at first sight.)


Also, there was a time when those who rose to positions of leadership generally had some “command presence”. That’s because things weren’t so contrived in past eras, and the rise to leadership positions was often more natural. But even when it was contrived, those doing the contriving took care to put forth someone who was believable as a leader.

Now, the Russian Jews, hiding behind American citizenship, who are running our country – feel they are so firmly in control that they can go out of their way to pick people who are not only completely unqualified, -- but whose very appearance offends the majority of Americans – like Elena Kagan.

This all is calculated to show their control. Do we take it as a sign of our already-accomplished defeat by these moral monsters – or as a challenge that we will now rise to – now that it is out in the open?

Time to pull the plug on the Freak Show that the US Supreme Court is becoming.

Jim Condit, Jr.

Network America

P.O. Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211

Top 5 Antibiotics to Store for Preparedness

Sunday, June 27, 2010


by Jim Condit, Jr.

Why didn’t General Stanley McChrystal just tell Obummer that he would come back from Afghanistan to the White House to see him as soon as Obama sent McChrystal his (Obama’s) birth certificate proving that he (Obama) was an American citizen and therefore rightfully occupying the office of President?

This would have caused a constitutional crisis – but the kind of constitutional crisis we desperately need.

(In case anyone hasn’t been following this story, General McChrystal was fired by Obummer from command of the Afghanistan “police action” because he and his staff made statements to a reporter, which were subsequently printed in Rolling Stone magazine, -- which statements Obummer didn’t

Now that Obummer has refused to produce his birth certificate for over 2 years – McChrystal and every other soldier, high or low, have an obligation to determine whether they are following the orders of the President of the United States – or of a vile usurper representing hostile interests to our country. (That would fit the description of a DOMESTIC ENEMY, as referred to in the US Constitution.)


For, -- it is clear, -- since Obummer cannot produce his birth certificate, and since he is sitting in the White House, he is being protected by very powerful forces, -- forces which can
control and contain the US Supreme Court, many lower courts, the state government of Hawaii, the five Big TV Networks, and on and on.

In case anyone hasn’t noticed, Obummer can NOT produce his birth certificate. This means, – normal people think, -- that his birth certificate would prove he is not eligible to be President of the USA.

(One of my adult children, who is currently stationed outside of Cincinnati, needed a passport to travel overseas a few months ago. I went downtown, paid $27 or so for an official copy the
vault copy” birth certificate, ran a few errands, and picked it up about 90 minutes later. Problem solved.)

When one realizes that Obummer has spent almost $2 million on lawyer fees and court filings via his Presidential Campaign committee and the Democratic National Committee – to AVOID producing HIS vault copy birth certificate, the conclusion is obvious.

Clearly, McChrystal would not accept someone who showed up at his office claiming to be an emissary of the President of the United States – without checking out if this man was who he said he was – or an imposter.


The military men, Sheriffs, police chiefs, deputies and policemen exhibit unquestioned PHYSICAL courage. General McChrystal, a four star general, -- routinely went out on night missions with his troops. When we call 911 because a burglar is invading or menacing our home – we expect the police to come and risk their lives for us, and they generally do.

What is needed from our nation’s military leaders, police chiefs, and Sheriffs – is some MORAL AND INTELLECTUAL COURAGE. They need to speak out against the takeover and take-down of our country NOW.

This is where McChrystal missed his chance.

Hopefully some of those military men, Sheriffs, and Police Chiefs IN OFFICE will take a cue from the program of the OathKeepers (see ) – and speak out to defend our freedoms – and sanity – now, and not wait until push comes to shove.

In case they have all missed it, we are under occupation government by the Rothschild/FED/Goldman Sachs banking powers working with the organized Jewish/Israeli Lobby, such as AIPAC, ADL, etc., etc., etc.

Don’t expect Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity to tell you about this, because they work at FOX News for Rupert Murdoch, who is a top traitor and agent for these same financial and anti-American forces. Whether their fans and followers can face it or not, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck are in a playpen
out of which they must not try to climb – unless they are ready to lose their jobs. (More on exactly how this works another time.)

See these books if you haven’t faced the fact that we are under hostile occupation government: “The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy” by Professor Walt of Harvard and Professor Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago; “High Priests of War” by Michael Collins Piper; and “The Economic Elite vs. the People of the United States of America” by David DeGraw.

Also, for how the evil Ruling Elite is thwarting our reaction, see my website:, especially the articles down the left hand side of the home page in the royal blue box; the Relevance article, the Bollyn article, the first few paragraphs of the Dugger article, and “A House without Doors” will bring you pretty much up to speed; there is also the youtube video: “South Carolina, Super Tuesday, and Ron Paul.


OBUMMER is the current top agent, hit man, and puppet for the Elite behind the FED/Goldman Sachs cabal in their war to take over total control of the USA and reduce us, and especially our children, to economic serfdom – complete economic subjugation. (In case you haven’t noticed, they’re
making good progress, and we need to start defending ourselves.)

Finally, most of these military and law enforcement men don’t seem to have a clue as to what’s going on. Thankfully, they will soon be able to view my new video at and get all the documentation and attitude adjustments they need to properly defend our country at this juncture.

And - - -


Progress report on my 2010 congressional campaign against Congressman John Boehner:

1. My congressional campaign is really “America’s Campaign” because I am the ONLY congressional candidate providing and addressing a strategy that can bring us VICTORY nationwide against our cunning and ruthless enemies, now operating behind Obama, the Congress, the 5 Big TV Networks, and the FED. My new video about to go up, entitled, “Memo to the Tea Party: Solutions” – is the follow up to my video, “The Strangest Political Secret”, still viewable at – This video was so effective that the New York Times used a front page article on January 15, 2010 to try and erect a false opposition group to steal the thunder of the real local precinct leaders across the country, -- and to steal my identity in favor of a mortgage banker (ha! Ha!) who had about 2 months “experience” in the precinct strategy. More on that soon. (What they did will redound to the benefit of patriotic Americans, once I get the full story out, -- because it is a classic, textbook case of how our enemies operate under the principle of “false opposition”.)

2. I have just set up a studio so that I can go there at a moment’s notice and film a video. In the past I had to do laborious (for me, anyway) set up and break down. This should be a great help getting info videos out on youtube, on my own websites, and elsewhere.

3. While I support the election of Rand Paul for US Senate in Kentucky, and Jim Traficant for US Congress in Ohio, if he runs, -- neither of these campaigns show any sign of addressing, let alone teaching, an overall strategy for victory against those occupying the levers of power in the USA.

4. With the exception of myself, there is apparently not one other candidate on the ballot for any office in the USA that understands, or is addressing, how we FIX our economic problems. In other words, if we ended the FED – what do we do the next morning? How much money should be in circulation so that the people can work, and live? And so businesses can provide the services the consumers need – and expand and grow under a TRUE free enterprise system? I know the answers to these questions – and so can you know them. They are covered in my upcoming video. But in case you can’t wait, go here to the short article, “The Money Myth Exploded”, and/or to the online book, “This Age of Plenty.”

(Please note that this ingenious solution to the problem of how much money to issue into circulation at any given time, and how to do it, -- was called Social Credit in the 1930s and 1940s, and is so called in the above article and book. We are using the term, “Free Enterprise Economics”, because Social Credit evokes “socialism” in the American mind, even though it is the antidote to socialism and Monopoly Capitalism, under which we are suffering. Monopoly Capitalism is NOT free enterprise (which the Founding Fathers created for us), but ends up in the same place as Communism, as we are now witnessing before our eyes in 2010 America.)

5. I haven’t been in touch for awhile because I’ve been trying to set the stage for something that will WORK and make a lot of progress for American patriots in this 2010 election season. Now we are ready with a program of outreach, both on the internet and in the real world, including conference calls. Stay tuned.

If we are fighting your fight – I have to tell you that I am again at a juncture, as was the case a few months ago, where I need to raise about $600 to simply keep all of our websites up, our phones on, etc. Some of you noticed that our phones were down for a few days about two weeks ago. And I just paid the bare minimum -- $200 – to keep all of our websites up – but I have to come up with another $200 soon. It costs at least $400 a month to keep all of our key websites up and be in a position to communicate to you, and accept money.

Our ability to reach the public = your financial help and prayers.

I do as much as I can to keep things going myself – but if you could help with $100, $50, $25, $10, $5 – right now – here are the ways to do so:

a) The fastest way is to send money – is via Paypal to – if you’re new to Paypal, you can go to – and use a credit/debit card;

b) you can go to – and contribute at the “support” link right underneath the video.

c) you can go to – and donate to my Congressional Campaign at the link under the two minute video that is there.

Our addresses are:

Network America, PO Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio

45211, or –

Jim Condit Jr. for Congress 2010, PO Box 11555,

Cincinnati, Ohio 45211. Many thanks. Stay tuned for exciting campaign developments, and the POSITIVE solution to our economic problems.

My phone number is at --

Our slogan: “End the Fed; Demand Free Enterprise Economics!”

And we are in touch with the think tanks that knows how to IMPLEMENT “Free Enterprise Economics”, once we take back the country through the Precinct System.

***** To Subscribe to the Network America Ewire, go to and scroll to the bottom of the home page, put in your info, respond to the confirmation email that will arrive a few moments later, and you are subscribed *****

Jim Condit Jr.

Network America Ewire


Network America

P.O. Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211

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