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A Critical Decision

by Michael Gaddy

Members of all branches of the United States Military will soon be facing most critical decision. The European Union Times is reporting that Obama is using the deployment of additional troops to Afghanistan to cover for the movement of some 200,000 troops, presently on duty in countries other than Iraq and Afghanistan, to USNORTHCOM to prepare for the "expected outbreak of Civil War within the United States before the end of winter."

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Jim Condit Jr.'s Response to Sincere Activist about Rush, Glenn, 912, CFL

You will notice that Jim's responses are behind five stars (*****)

Here’s the email, with the responses interspersed:

Activist writes:

Hi Jim,

While I agree with the overall tenor of Neal's letter, I don't agree that "there is no one on the list that cannot contribute at least $10 to $15
per month."

***** (my response) I agree, Friend – you are right. There are people who can’t donate $10 even once right now. That’s why I always say in
my fundraisers, “If you’re not able to donate now, please pray we reach the right people. ******

Activist writes:

I am an organizer for or a member of quite a few political activist groups/organizations which also need and request financial contributions.

***** (my response) With respect, Activist, the other organizations do not deserve donations now, because they are not telling people to prioritize their efforts to the one thing that we can all DO to take back the country, short of a second, armed American revolution. Things are that serious. We either work like a laser right now to peacefully and constitutionally take back our country from the Banksters around the FED and Wall Street, via peaceful and constitutional means -- or things will degenerate into a frightful civil war, or simply slavery for the next generation. The leaders mentioned below, who, for whatever reason, are stuck on rallies, begging letters, and symbolic acts – must lead, follow, or get out of the way. *****

Activist writes:

While I pretty much agree that "the Precinct Strategy is the ONE STOP SOLUTION – THE ONE SIZE FITS ALL SOLUTION to all the outrages that Obama and those behind him are trying to implement" (as ell the neocons and New World Order elite), I believe that we still need to meet the challenge of fighting the changes that are being implemented

***** (my response) So do I, but we can do that while all entering our precincts – and “shouting from the rooftops” for everyone to make this their PRIORITY for the next year – because it is the ONLY offensive strategy that COULD result in VICTORY. --- In other words, we can walk and chew gum at the same time. YOU KNOW THIS, MY FRIEND, -- so why don’t the big organizations and big Media voices know this?

***** (my further response) Also, the “fighting the changes” as presented by these other groups – is a guaranteed slow loser – because methods and actions they promote are all purely DEFENSIVE programs. The Precinct Strategy is an OFFENSIVE program. This is why Rush, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck, in my judgment, are not allowed to promote the precinct strategy. Those paying them millions of dollars don’t want the victimized Americans to figure out how to TAKE THE OFFENSIVE. So these other groups are offering basically hopeless strategies in the long run: defense, begging programs, yell at your congressman, ONLY. Even “voting” is not a solution, because 99% of the American vote is counted in secret by only four mega-computer companies; see votefraud.org). I know some people get hacked off when I put it this way, but it describes what’s happening. I need to go into the concept of “False Opposition” at greater length somewhere else. The Banksters behind Obama have ALWAYS erected their own opposition to misdirect those who really want to fix the situation. *****

ACTIVIST writes:

. . . NOW, or are attempting to be implemented, while we work the Precinct Strategy, which I also believe will take quite a while before we see very much fruit from it.

***** (my response) The reason it’s going to take quite a while, as things look tonight, is because the national leaderships of 912, Tea Party, CFL, Rush, Sean, Glenn, et al – will not shout the Precinct Strategy from the rooftops. Rallies? YES! (They don’t threaten to fire all the corrupt party leaders and all the corrupt congressmen – 99% in both categories; and they are corrupt because they serve Mammon emanating from the FED and the dark side of Wall Street.) Go gripe at a Town Meeting? YES! (Doesn’t threaten to fire the congressmen and the traitorous party leaders who endorsed him.). Send a Pink Slip to Washington. YES! (It’s symbolic, and has no chance to fire the congressmen and the party leaders who endorsed them.) Shout for everyone to go into the precincts as the first priority? RUSH, SEAN, GLENN WILL NOT DO IT – because if millions became aware of, and entered the precincts tomorrow morning – we would be on the verge of taking back the parties and then the Congress in 2010. It seems anything is approved and promoted to the hilt as long as the activity merely allows the frustrated millions to blow off steam – and nothing more. But telling them to make Precinct Strategy the first priority this year so we can fire the party leaders and the congress and replace them with constitutional Americans in 2010. NO! That must not be promoted or allowed. When some of the local people catch on, or state leaders, or county leaders catch the vision of the Precinct Project – then the 912 national leaders and the Tea Party national leaders, and the Campaign for Liberty national leaders say: “Ssssshhhhhhhh! Work quietly. Sneak up on them, etc. etc. etc.” ---- WHY? WE have the millions of people. Why are we tiptoeing quietly around these traitors and criminals, and their lackeys?? WHY? These local and state Republican and Democratic leaders should be fearing for their jobs and their freedom (I’m talking jail for what many of them have done) – not be encouraged by all of us tip-toeing around them like they are some kind of demi-gods. *****

Activist writes:

Organizations working at the national, state and local levels to meet the aforementioned challenge also need and deserve funding,

***** (my response) Not this year. For the next year, every alert American who knows about the precinct strategy should tell all these other organizations that they will not get another dime until they make the precinct strategy, and FIRING the party leaders and the congress via the precinct system the NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. Yes, Glenn Beck and the 912 rally got things going. I GO TO THESE RALLIES, and support them. But with 1.5+ million in DC on 9-12-09 – that’s as far as rallies can go. IT SHOULD BE CLEAR TO EVERYONE that the Ruling Elite behind Congress and Obama do NOT respond to these rallies, because they know they have the vote count fixed via easily rigged computers, -- and they know they control every county and state in the nation through their lackeys in the Republican and Democratic parties.

****** (my further response) Now – if these groups and leaders are about anything other than allowing the people to blow off steam – the
priority must be EXACTLY what the priority of the groups I am leading (Network America, WagtheDog2010.com, and meetup.com/national-precinct)–and the groups that got going on their own with the same objectives RallyRight.org, primarychallenge.org, kickmallout.com, etc.). *****

Activist writes:

otherwise I think that in the not-so-distant future it will be too late for the Precinct Strategy to save us and our country.

***** (my response): It will only be too late if the millions of frustrated people have the ANSWER (Precinct Strategy) hidden OR OBSCURED from them at this key moment by the national leaders of 912, the Tea Party, movement, the Campaign for Liberty leaders, the NRA, etc. etc. etc. etc. That is why I say without the slightest hesitation that whatever money is available FOR THIS NEXT YEAR
should go ONLY to the groups like the ones I mentioned above -- that are telling people the precinct solution. The others need to be cut off,
for now, until they tell the people the precinct solution as the TOP PRIORITY. *****

Activist writes:

Many people who wish to save the country by whatever means are simply in too much debt or barely able to make ends meet to contribute very much money.

****** (my response) I understand that, and I’m sure Neal does too, but he was talking to those who can, which are still a lot of people.*****

Activist writes:

I would LOVE to contribute $10 to $15 (and even more!) per month to this group and the others I described above, but I at this point I simply can't. I think that what you wrote about some people being able to afford giving $5, some $10 or $25, some $50 or $100 and some $1000, is much more reasonable for many us, especially those who believe in the importance of the work being done by the aforementioned kind of organizations. I'm a member of the Campaign For Liberty, but not a paid member because I can't give them $35 a year right now. However, I do agree with you that the C4L (as well as the Tea Party and 912 movements) should emphasize and prioritize the Precinct Strategy solution. Perhaps I can lobby the C4L to do so, though I think I'd probably have a much better chance of influencing it if I paid the $35 annual dues and enrolled in the Local Coordinator program, which is one of the things the dues make one eligible to do.

****** (my response) I don’t believe any amount of people paying $35 to Campaign for Liberty under the current leadership would influence them to do anything other than what they are doing. I think John Tate and several top leaders of CFL are careerist politicos who want a fat, cushy job in Washington DC when Ron Paul retires. I believe in Ron Paul and his family, but the leadership teams Ron Paul was convinced to choose to run his Presidential campaign, and the Campaign for Liberty, are looking like “false opposition” operatives to me. I could go on at great length on this, and must soon. – And I do appreciate that you have a clear vision of the value of the precinct strategy. *****

Activist writes:

After having said all of that, I do anticipate having the resources to pay the C4L dues AND make at least some kind of donation to the Precinct Program in the not-too-distant future. Thank you for your time, your attention and your vital work, Jim.

***** (my response) And thank you for your undeniable sincerity and devotion to truth and freedom. I hope you realize that I am not directing any vehemence or displeasure towards you. Your email just spurred me to articulate what I have been wanting to say for some time – and I really believe is the truth. I will not give any of those national organizational leaders a break until they start emphasizing the ONLY peaceful and constitutional solution that exists, the precinct strategy. Right now, these organizations are doing what Obama cannot do – misdirecting the millions of concerned Americans (the very ones they have activated and inspired into action) at this critical moment. That’s what FALSE OPPOSITION is -- erected by the Communists in 1917 in Russia, and now their descendants in New York City and Washington DC today. FALSE OPPOSITION leaders direct people to blow off steam, while sapping their energies and resources, -- while suppressing and smearing those people who are trying to get the real solution out. For my part, I will never give up, and will keep trying, even if we have only $3 for every $3 million that the big organizations (who won’t emphasize the solution) raise and spend.

***** (my further response) I understand about the hard financial straits out there, as I am in and out of them myself, especially this year. For our part, in our current ChipIn campaign at www.WagTheDog2010.com we are asking for a one time donation by Thanksgiving. If I could, I would fund the whole thing myself, and would never bring up the uncomfortable subject of money. We only are trying to raise the $15,000 because without it we cannot get the needed social networking website up so everyone can organize and communicate throughout the nation, -- and I cannot spend but a few hours a day working to alert leaders in ALL the regions of the country about this. And as far as I know, nobody else is even trying to devote full time to getting this message out nationally so as to find and connect the local leaders in all regions, -- as I am trying to do. That’s why I’ve asked for $$ help – and, as always, I end my own appeals by saying if you simply can’t contribute now, please say a prayer that we reach the people who can.

***** (my ending response) Again, please do not take any offense. Your email just helped to bring out my thoughts on this matter, which I believe with all of my heart, and I do not say lightly. If any of these organizations or leaders or media voices change – I will be among the first to recognize this, and applaud.

Sincerely and best wishes,

Jim Condit Jr. *****

Jim Condit Jr.
Network America, PO Box 11339,
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211


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Can You Hear Us Now?

Patriotic anti-big-government taxpayers blast through the two million protester mark

No Matter What Your #1 Issue is: THIS IS THE ANSWER

by Jim Condit, Jr.

We finished our regular Monday night Precinct Strategy Conference Call (9 PM EST, -- you can always find the phone number and pin for the weekly call at the top of www.WagTheDog2010.com.

A number of new members joined our National Precinct Strategy Meetup Group – and we now have more than 200 members at
www.meetup.com/national-precinct !!!! If we are to save the country – this has to go to 500, 1000, 20,000 and then 50,000+ -- and this CAN HAPPEN QUICKLY WITH THE INTERNET -- because more and more people want a COMPREHENSIVE STRATEGY, in addition to the rallies . . .

Last weekend (9-12-09) saw a magnificent rally in D.C. put on primarily by the 912 groups and the Tea Party groups.

If only the Rally organizers had told all who came to D.C. about the Precinct Strategy by which we can actually take back the government and the nation! If that had happened – we would be “on the playing field” -- and ready to take back our government RIGHT NOW.

In Montana and Idaho, local groups have 1100+ people ready to run for precinct. Party leaders are getting REAL NERVOUS and stating to attack these “precinct organizers.”

While many local individuals, and in some cases groups, -- are moving towards intelligently taking back their local county (via the precinct strategy). There still remains only one website and one video, as far as we know, that tells the visitor quickly and “straight up” why the Precinct Strategy is the one and only peaceful and constitutional way to take back our nation; why the Precinct Strategy is the MISSING INGREDIENT.

And that would be “The Strangest PoliticalSecret” video at www.WagTheDog2010.com.

We are getting 300 to 1000 visits per month to the video, and I’m getting 12 to 15 contacts per week of people who are waking up that the Precinct Strategy is the missing ingredient to Tea Parties, 912 Groups, Campaign for Liberty groups, and all other action programs.

This all uses up time and money, and I spend at least 15 to 20 hours a week talking to people who want to be educated, or are wanting to strategize, or need to be “confirmed in the faith” regarding the necessity of the precinct strategy – or the need to get back to machine-free, computer-free elections and count paper ballots at the neighborhood precinct once again.

The bandwith, website, and monthly website charges roll on – and we are now facing a critical juncture of collapse and burn regarding $, or lack thereof.

I must again rely on your strength. If I could fund it all myself I would, and you would never hear a financial plea from me.

This message is NOT to those few who have helped so generously and so often in the past, or to those who are on the automatic monthly support system of $10 or $15 a month. (Thanks to you all.)

This message is to all those who have thought of doing something to help us financially to educate the nation about the Precinct Strategy – and who are now in a position to do so – but have not gotten around to it yet.


On top of the immediate expenses of over $1000 that we are at this moment unable to pay, -- there is a new computer program out which legally approaches 10,000 people per day without spam. The cost of this program is about $650 – and it might solve the problem of funding this movement -- by helping us put various messages before thousands and thousands of more people.

If you possibly can, please send help right now to Network America in one of three ways:

-- paypal via votefraud@fuse.net

-- or – go to www.wagthedog2010.com at the link under the second video “Subscribe / SupportToday”,

-- or mail to Network America, PO Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211.

If you are unable to donate right now, please pray we reach the right people who can do so. Thanks to all.

I am willing to spend week in and week out trying to direct all the concerned and frustrated people towards the “playing field” – which is the Precinct Strategy. If you are not able to do this – but want to see it done – perhaps think of “hiring me” and become one of the 1500 people that will sponsor this effort to the tune of $100 per year. About 31 such people have stepped forth in the last several months.

As always, my phone number is 513-741-2095 if anyone wants to ask any questions about all this.

Don’t “hold your breath” for Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity Mike Huckabee, or Mitt Romney to tell Americans about the way to kick out all the party leaders at the local, state, and national level via the Precinct Strategy.

For that information – I’m afraid you still have to come here to the Network America / WagTheDog2010.com Family.

So, if you appreciate what we are trying to do, consider helping a bit, if you can.

Many thanks in advance.

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by Jim Condit, Jr.

Many of us have been studying the drive for a New World Order Tyranny since the early 1970s. Some are just waking up.

I constantly debate how much to say these days about what is behind the man who can’t produce his birth certificate – Barack Obama, now occupying the office of President of the United States.

On the one hand, there is a minority of people who are seeking the whole truth – and they deserve to get it.

On the other hand, it is more important now to teach several million concerned Americans about WHAT TO DO, i.e., the Precinct Strategy. As we go down the road, I trust events will force all freedom-loving people to face reality.

The basic that MUST be understand – is that a ruthless group that has grasped control of the issue of money in almost all major countries is seeking a one world currency as a necessary step to their New World Order tyranny. This group can loosely be called the Rothschild-Rockefeller group, and they get their power through control of the Federal Reserve Board which issues all money and controls the issue of all credit for the USA.

It is this group that needs to be indicted, arrested, and convicted of treason.

It is this group that plans Communism for us, our children, and our grandchildren, -- while they operate the world as billionaires.

I’ll stop there for now – because every time I go further – some brainwashed moron wakes up long enough to say: don’t do the Precinct Strategy because Condit said this (or that).

Also, since the financial shakedown of September / October 2008 – almost everyone realizes there is a sinister financial power behind the current leadership of both the Democratic and the Republican parties.

Everyone had better realize that this Financial Elite has a detailed plan to achieve their goal of one world government tyranny – and that MOST of the voices trying to lead the concerned Americans are FALSE OPPOSITION – paid by the very Financial Elite that catapulted Obama into the White House.


I’ll soon do an in depth ewire on the persons and groups that are acting as the “False Opposition.” But let’s have a quick list. “False Opposition” has been one of the greatest weapons of those behind Communism for the last 100 years.

False Opposition means that certain people and groups are sent forth by the Rothschild/Rockefeller faction to keep people busy on secondary issues, and to drive all of the efforts of sincere Americans into a ditch.

So, as things are proceeding, here is my observation of who and what groups are acting as False Opposition, and at least one reason why:

-- Rush Limbaugh: not allowed to tell people about the Precinct Strategy, and not allowed to talk about the 4 computer companies (Diebold, Sequoia, ES & S, and Hart) – which “count” 96% of our vote in the USA in secret on election day.

-- Sean Hannity: same as Rush.

-- Bill O’Reilly: same as Rush.

-- Glenn Beck: same as Rush.

-- Mike Levin: same as Rush.

-- Michael (Weiner) Savage: same as Rush, Hannity, and O’Reilly – but even worse – because Savage is a former leftist, and fully understands the sinister game being played. Savage cuts any caller off who gets too close to certain subjects.

-- Campaign for Liberty: while I believe in the sincerity and dedication of the Ron Paul family – both the paid campaign staff in the 2008 Presidential campaign, and the current staff of Campaign for Liberty – are playing the role of false opposition. Campaign for Liberty will NOT tell their 200,000 supporters about the Precinct Strategy in the clear terms I explain it in the video at wagthedog2010.com. Campaign for Liberty also has 21,000 people who have volunteered to run for precinct bottled up – and does not allow them to talk to each other. In sharp contrast, our meetup.com/national-precinct group – allows each member to talk to each other, or send a message to the whole group.

-- These next two groups fall into the category, in most cases, and at this point, -- of “the blind leading the blind” – namely, the Tea Party groups and the 912 groups. There are some exceptions here in some counties, but in general, these groups will, as of yet, not clearly and PUBLICLY explain to their supporters that the Precinct Strategy is the only way to kick the Dem and GOP party leaders OUT at the county level, and from therer take back the nation. I’ll go into depth soon on what is apparently holding these groups back, -- but it all leads to the same place: lack of an EASILY KNOWN effective over all action plan.

Today, Bill Cunningham, nationally syndicated to 400 cities on Sunday Night, interviewed Coach Dave Daubenmire (football, at Fairfield Christian High School in Lancaster, Ohio). Daubenmire on WLW radio, 700 AM.

Daubenmire has gotten some notoriety for his recent sit-in in front of his Congressman’s office, because the congressman would not hold a town meeting. Daubenmire held one anyway.

Daubenmire told Willie Cunningham that old guys using canes got up at his town meeting and said they fought in the Vietnam war, and that now the same crowd that lost the Vietnam war was back in control of the country, and they had expected the Republicans to put up a real fight since 2000, and even now.

Daubenmire told Cunningham with 160,000+ listerners tuning in – that the people were awakened and FRUSTRATED – but they did not know what to do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you can bet your bottom dollar that those receiving BIG BUCKS from the Rothschild-Rockefeller criminal syndicate are NOT about to tell these frustrated people what to do.

For that, I’m afraid, you are going to have to come here.


The Precinct Strategy is beginning to catch fire. Isolated Tea Party Groups, 912 Groups, and Campaign for Liberty Groups are passing up their national leaderships to openly advocate the only strategy that has a chance to peacefully and constitutionally take back the nation.

And many individuals around the nation are also taking a stand for the OPEN promotion of the Precinct Strategy.

In a nutshell:

On the Precinct Strategy Conference Call on Monday, Sept 7, 2009 – we had a number of group leaders from Ohio, Texas, and Indiana who are openly telling their people about the precinct strategy – and sending them to WagTheDog2010.com for the short “The Strangest Political Secret” video.

We have begun a “Precinct Strategy National Leadership Council” – and you can find it linked on the Home Page of NetworkAmerica.org – and if you wish to join after reading its very limited purpose – email me at votefraud@fuse.net with Leadership in the subject line.

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Speech by Robert Welch predicting Insiders plans to destroy America

Robert Welch predicted today's problems with uncanny accuracy back in 1958 and prescribed solutions in 1974 that are very similar to Ron Paul's positions today. This is proof that there are plans in place by the elite to systemically disassemble US sovereignty.

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Amazon Customer Review of Michael Hoffmann's 'Judaism Discovered'

Important Titanic Work - Nothing Like It Exists Anywhere.

Click here to read the review.

An Unknown Holocaust

Mark Weber reviews the little-known story of misery and death imposed by the victors on defeated Germany in the aftermath of World War II. The Allied powers imposed an “unknown holocaust” of destruction, looting, starvation, rape, “ethnic cleansing,” and mass killing. More than 14 million Germans were expelled or forced to flee from eastern and central Europe. Some three million Germans died needlessly -- about two million civilians, mostly women, children and elderly, and one million prisoners of war. Weber also highlights the Allied double standard in putting German leaders to death for policies that the Allies themselves were carrying out, sometimes on a far greater scale.

Click here to hear the podcast.

Radical Feminism and the Culture War

Dr. F. Roger Devlin, an acclaimed author and social commentator, interviewed by James Edwards & Keith Alexander

Click here to hear the podcast.

Dr. Ron Paul On Secession

The Precinct Project: A Sample Email

This Type of Activity should be happening in all Counties.

By Jim Condit Jr.

Here is an email I sent to our local "Greater Cincinnati" precinct group. This is the type of actiivty that should be happening in every county at this time for the pro-freedom constitutionalists who want to add the "missing ingredient" to the Tea Parties and the Campaign for Liberty type movements.

* * * * * * * * *


The next meeting for our Precinct Strategy Movement will be tonight at “The Farm” in Delhi at 8 PM (east room with the piano and stage).

The Farm is at 239 Anderson Ferry Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45238 (Delhi). Optional: The Farm’s excellent weekly buffet is available from 5 PM to 8 PM, if anyone wants to eat dinner at the Farm before the meeting.

Buffet prices are at the link below for Adults, Seniors, and children. Every month some of us have eaten dinner at the Farm in thanks for the space – although again, it is optional.

All details are here:


The next goal is to identify about 50 people who will be willing to accept or buy the "Precinct Finder" -- and from there we will progressively help people become aware of what precinct they are in. There are about 1000 precincts in Hamilton County, and far less in the surrounding counties -- maybe 180 in Clermont County, for instance.

We had hoped that more and different people would come to the meetings each week, as the meetings are not meant to be repetitive. This has not happened -- but we have found out about the regional tea party groups such as western hills, eastern hills, and Tri-County.

So, much of the work can now be done between meetings by conference calls and phone calls. We will publish a list of people and precincts, with their permission -- so that everyone can see how "doable" this project is, and how much momentum we can build quickly in making "precinct" a regular part of everyone's consciousness and yearly routine.

Since the law in Ohio has been changed to a County-Wide Precinct Organizational Meeting to elect the new County Party Chairman in the GOP to every four years -- the next such meeting will not be until about May 2012 -- may be as early as March 2012. The Dems still hold their county organizational precinct meetings every two years as far as I know.

If anyone wishes to plug into our volunteer network to help look up which activist in what precinct. feel free to come to the meeting tonight. Or call me at 513-741-2095 anytime.


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America the Sick

In a healthy society, men will go to war to protect their women from a foreign enemy.

But, a sick society sends it’s mothers, wives, and daughters into combat for the purpose of enforcing the Banksters’ World Order.


Sick unto death.

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Many Gun Owners, the State and Media Agree; 2a Is No Longer Relevant

by Michael Gaddy

As a government grows more and more intrusive on individual liberties, that government’s fear of the armed citizen increases exponentially, just as an armed robber fears a well-armed potential victim. Here in America in the last seventy plus years, our government and their stooges in the media have sought to relegate the right of a free people to keep and bear arms into a privilege, subject to government approval, rather than an inalienable right. Sadly, many gun owners have agreed to participate in this madness.

I have been consistent in my objections to asking permission and paying for the privilege to carry a weapon on my person, if and when I chose to do so. Yet, the majority of objections I receive to my position come from people who currently own guns and have jumped at the opportunity for government approval to do what they already have the right to do. Is this not an open acknowledgement to those in power the Second Amendment, and the remainder of the Bill of Rights, mean nothing and are subject to the whim of some elected criminal, bureaucrat, or an agenda wearing a black robe?

When I decided to write this article, I did not contact the government, submit to a background check, submit fingerprints, take a government endorsed writing class and pay for permission. What is the difference in the exercise of my inalienable right to free speech and my inalienable right to keep and bear arms? The difference is: the state currently fears my ability to resist tyranny with a firearm more than with words, but as we can see from the reaction of the government and its media lackeys to the spoken objections to the tyranny of socialized medicine, that is about to change.

Click here to read the rest of the article.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


By Chuck Baldwin

The Internet is abuzz with news about the construction of internment camps all across America. Of course, "mainstream" media outlets refuse to touch the subject; or if they do, they pooh-pooh the story; they do what Glenn Beck recently did: try to debunk the story as fallacious and impugn people who speak of it as "conspiracy nuts." The fact that the Becks, Hannitys, Limbaughs, and O'Reillys of the media circus refuse to deal with the construction of large numbers of internment camps does not make them disappear, however.

For starters, all anyone need do to begin a serious investigation of the subject of internment camps is Google the phrase "FEMA Camps." There is more than enough evidence in that search engine alone to keep one busy with some in-depth private investigation of the subject for quite a while.

Click here to read the rest of the article.

Orwellian assault on free speech via phony race card accelerates

By Paul Joseph Watson

After bizarrely claiming that the Obama Joker posters were somehow racist, despite the fact that George W. Bush was also characterized as the comic book villain during his presidency, the establishment media is now floating the wacky conspiracy theory that calling Obama a “socialist” is a secret code which really means the n-word.

Is there really no end to this madness? How can people criticize Obama if every time they so much as question the great leader, they are smeared in the media as racists?

MSNBC’s Carlos Watson introduced a segment on his show yesterday by wondering whether calling Obama a “socialist” was “becoming a code word, whether or not socialist is becoming the new n-word for some angry upset birthers and others.”

Watson then said there was a “line of responsibility” that had to be drawn which extended to “the words we choose, including how we use even legitimate words like socialist.”

Watson’s guest then agreed with the host that “the political dialogue has certain boundaries”.

The Orwellian move to reduce our vocabulary by effectively frowning upon the use of words that in reality have no racial connotations at all is another example of how political correctness and the race card is being used to eviscerate free speech while shielding the Obama administration from growing fury over his big government agenda.

Click here to read the rest of the article.

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In Search of Sotomayor

by David Yeagley


“... since Sonia Maria Sotomayor won’t give us her family history, we’re left to speculate a bit. Personally, I believe Sotomayer is one of these crypto-descendants.”

Click here to read the complete article.

Nazi-Style Denunciation Campaign Urges Americans To Report Each Other

by Paul Joseph Watson


“We invite our readers to use the WeTip “Submit a Tip” form to remind the crypto-Nazis behind this program that this is America, not Germany in the 1930’s. Building strong communities is all about establishing strong bonds and friendships with your neighbors, not grassing them up to the authorities for a quick buck.”

Click here to read the complete article.

Pope Benedict XV described the New World Order

“The advent of a Universal Republic, which is longed for by all the worst elements of disorder, and confidently expected by them, is an idea which is ripe for execution. From this Republic, based on the principles of absolute equality of men and community of possessions, would be banished all national distinctions, nor in it would the authority of a father over his children, or of the public power over the citizens, or of God over human society, be any longer acknowledged. If these ideas are put into practice there will inevitably follow a reign of unheard-of terror.”

“Moto Proprio, Bonem Sanc,” July 25, 1920

David Ben Gurion predicted the New World Order

“The image of the world in 1987 as traced in my imagination: The Cold War will be a thing of the past. Internal pressure of the constantly growing intelligentsia in Russia for more freedom and the pressure of the masses for raising their living standards may lead to a gradual democratization of the Soviet Union. On the other hand, the increasing influence of the workers and farmers, and the rising political importance of men of science, may transform the United States into a welfare state with a planned economy. Western and Eastern Europe will become a federation of autonomous states having a Socialist and democratic regime. With the exception of the USSR as a federated Eurasian state, all other continents will become united in a world alliance, at whose disposal will be an international police force. All armies will be abolished, and there will be no more wars. In Jerusalem, the United Nations (a truly United Nations) will build a Shrine of the Prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah.”

Former Prime Minister of Israel, David Ben Gurion “Look Magazine” in 1962, January 16th, edition

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Tolerance" is a Guise for Social Engineering

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

For centuries the Masonic central bankers who control Western society and culture have been pushing "tolerance." Why?

"The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" is a notorious "forgery" that uncannily explains our predicament. It says the Illuminati bankers want to "dislocate all collective forces which are still unwilling to submit to us." (Protocols, Section 5)

The four major collective forces are: Race, Religion, Family and Nation. They are the four pillars of our human identity.

How do you undermine them? Certainly a frontal attack would meet with spirited resistance. Instead you promote "tolerance" which destroys these collective forces by erasing the differences between them.

Thus you have ecumenicism in religion, miscegenation in race, and regionalism (i.e. EU, NAU) in nation states. You destroy family by erasing gender differences.

"Tolerance" (and "human rights") are Orwellian doublespeak for a process that demolishes the four pillars of human identity. Human beings are being re-engineered to be servants, cattle, "human resource" of the Cabalist bankers. We are being deliberately stunted and diverted as dysfunctional children who don't decide or do anything important but work, have sex and consume. Mankind is satanically possessed, hijacked by a Satanic cult.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Calling people "anti-Semitic"

"It's a Trick, We Always Use It."

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cyber Tsar may turn screws on Internet freedom

Human Prison Boxcars . . . and Precincts

By Jim Condit, Jr.

None of us need any more shocks, but despite all
I’ve seen and heard and read over the last 37 years, the pictures shown above were still a chilling shocker.


Please note that the San Francisco Chronicle article, linked at the bottom of the above webpage, states with certainty that detention camps and these human prison boxcars were ordered beginning in 1999 by the crooks usurping the US government from a subsidiary of Haliburton, and several other companies.

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Judaism Discovered: A Desideratum

by Michael Hoffman

The completion of Judaism Discovered gives me the satisfaction of knowing that I have accomplished one of the principal missions of my life. It is the actualization of thoughts and lines of inquiry which I have been pursuing for years. For example, Who is a Jew? What is the role of counterfeit Jews? If the counterfeit is predominant - as I believe it is - this fact opens a revolutionary vista on history, signifying that contemporary Talmudists and Zionists are descendants of people who were not in Palestine when Jesus was crucified. They are representatives of the ideology that crucified Christ, but in general, not the race. This fact in turn disarms the race-based antipathy of the opponents of Talmudists and Zionists, a racial animus upon which, ironically, the rabbis and the Israelis depend for the continued allegiance of their own am ha’aretz.

Furthermore, years ago I noticed that disinformation about the Kabbalah had been seeded - the illusion of a fissure between Talmudism and Kabbalism was deliberately sown - using the figure of Moses Maimonides to pretend that these two supporting “pillars” of the Third Temple are inimical. I searched the texts of Maimonides, however, for hidden Kabbalistic sympathies, and found clear evidence of Kabbalistic doctrine.

One goal in writing Judaism Discovered has been to transcend the current state of Talmud criticism; which is largely centered on the repetition of a what amounts to slogans: 1. the “Talmud defames Jesus and Mary”; 2. the “Talmud is pornographic." There’s nothing wrong with stating that the Talmud contains these disgusting scurrilities, which indeed it does. In fact, it’s courageous and commendable to say so. The problem is, that’s where what passes for anti-Talmudic "scholarship" begins and ends these days; there may be some brief reference to pilpul and PaRDeS as a sop to sophistication and methodological analysis, but the current state of Talmud and Kabbalah criticism is mostly superficial and leaves most of the big questions unanswered.

For example, very few critics seem to understand that Judaism is neither Left wing nor Right wing; it manifests as Leftist or Rightist at will. One moment it is the instrumental ally of the Throne; in the next, it is the revolutionary power that overthrows it.

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Dale Williams interviews author Robert K. Wilcox.

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Muslim Demographics


Spanish Crusade 1936-1939

In An Impotent World Even The Bankrupt Can Prevail

By Paul Craig Roberts


‘Today, America and Israel’s wars of aggression are preceded by years of propaganda and international meetings, so that by the time the attack comes it is an expected event, not a monstrous surprise attack with its connotation of naked aggression.”

“The US and Israel are likely to succeed, because they have effective PSYOPS. For the most part, the world media follows the US media, which follows the US and Israeli governments’ lines. Indeed, the American media is part of the PSYOPS of both countries.”

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Palin Signs Alaska Sovereignty Resolution

by Michael Boldin

On Friday, July 10th, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin signed House Joint Resolution 27 (HJR27), sponsored by State Rep. Mike Kelly. The resolution “claims sovereignty for the state under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States over all powers not otherwise enumerated and granted to the federal government by the Constitution of the United States.”

The House passed the resolution by a vote of 37-0 (3 not voting) and the Senate passed it by a vote of 40-0.

Six other states have had both houses of their legislature pass similar resolutions - Tennessee, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma and Louisiana - Alaska joins Tennessee as the second to have such a resolution signed by the Governor.


Passage of this resolution appears to be part of what is now a growing state-level resistance to the federal government on various levels. Similar 10th Amendment resolutions have been introduced in 37 states around the country, and various states are considering single-issue legislation in direct contravention to federal laws.

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By Ted Pike

When Hitler and Mussolini came to power, parliamentary governments had been in place in Germany and Italy for at least a half a century. These dictators established political power outside legislative due process, under the guise of national emergency. They ruled by fiat – claiming such was the only efficient way to regain national power and honor. In just this way, Democrats betrayed justice in the Senate this past week.

On Thursday, with audacity Sen. John McCain said is “breaking new ground,” Democrats approved their hate bill in disregard of literally every constitutional restraint on tyranny. They defied adequate and fair Judiciary hearings, Mark-up session, Rules session and allowance of open debate before a quorum on the Senate floor. This is not the American way. It is government and law by legislative fiat, the way of Napoleon, Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin.

It is tyranny.

How should lovers of freedom respond to this and other coming assaults on liberty? The hate bill victory is a green light for ADL-inspired hate laws such as ENDA and cyber-bullying bill, HR 1966. Having passed the landmark hate crimes bill via totalitarian means, Congressional Democrats will continue their strategy with even greater boldness.

Patriots of all religious and political persuasions must unite with a shout of protest against further shattering of freedom.

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Hoffman vs. Raspail on demography


Those white nations which do not have sufficient spark of life to reproduce themselves are indeed doomed, but this is no "conspiracy." These are the inevitable wages of the Masonic, "secular Republic" that is France. The same is true for Italy, where the Catholic Church has auto-destructed and Germany, Spain, Sweden...all secular, all playboys and playgirls.

One cannot merely pay lip service to Christianity, tossing a bone to a mere nostalgia. The French, or for that matter the American intellectuals, even on the Right, dare not look to see what culture and religion prevailed when Charles Martel marched to Poitiers in 732, when Isabella reconquered Granada in 1492, when Pius V was victorious at Lepanto in 1571 and Nicholas, Graf von Salm in Vienna in 1529 and John Sobieski in that same city in 1683.

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Joe McCarthy and the Jews:

Comments on Jewish Organizations’ Response to Communism and Senator McCarthy, by Aviva Weingarten.

Reviewed by Professor Kevin MacDonald

Beginning in the 19th century, liberal/leftist politics has been a hallmark of the Jewish community in America and elsewhere. The attraction of Jews to the success of the Bolshevik Revolution was an entirely mainstream movement among large numbers of Jews in America and led to one of several anti-Jewish stereotypes during the 1920s and 1930s — stereotypes that were aided and abetted by people like Henry Ford and Father Charles Coughlin. Into the 1930s the American Communist Party (CPUSA) had a Yiddish-speaking Jewish section. and Jews around the world had positive attitudes toward the USSR, at least partly because Jews had achieved elite status there.

After World War II, however, anti-Semitism declined precipitously in the US, and Jewish organizations were poised to spearhead the transformations in civil rights and immigration legislation that would come to fruition in the 1960s. By 1950 the Jewish community was part of the establishment — well connected to the power centers in the media, politics, the academic world and the construction of culture generally.

But there was a major problem that the organized Jewish community was forced to confront—a problem stemming from the long involvement of the mainstream Jewish community in communism and the far left, at least until the end of World War II, and among a substantial number of Jews even after this period.

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Is the US the Next Mexico?

By Henry Makow, Ph.D.

As I learn about the elite conspiracy ("New World Order") I am feeling like a turkey who is finding out about Thanksgiving.

Mankind is indeed in the malignant grip of a satanic cult that subtly controls media, government education and business. Afflicted by this debilitating spiritual cancer, mankind is too deformed to diagnose its ailment.

In "Puzzling Neighbors: A Historical Guide to Understand Modern Mexico" (1987) Salvador Borrego describes Mexico's turbulent, blood soaked history and poverty in terms of a conflict with agents of an "alien" force.

"During more than 160 years, Mexicans have been hounded by influences which are foreign to their essence, by a phantom, an X factor which not all have identified..."

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Britian is being Undermined by Internal Subversion

As in America -- as in all of Christendom -- an internal Enemy is purposely destroying the White People and the Christian moorings of society.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Germar Rudolf: The Persecution of a German Scholar

Imagine an expert in DNA analyses. He is asked to verify if a defendant is the father of a child. He complies and confirms the fatherhood of the defendant. With his testimony, however, the expert contradicts the statements of many witnesses who claim the opposite. Imagine the judge ruling not to admit the expert testimony because it makes spectators assume that the witnesses lied out of sinister motives. The judge even puts the expert witness on trial for inciting hatred against the witnesses and sentences him to 14 months in jail. You think it can’t happen? It does happen in Germany...

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Gaza: The World's Largest Open-Air Prison

Celebrate Secession!

by John Payne

To honor the United States’ secessions (yes, that is meant to be plural; up until 1865, it was the “United States are” not the “United States is”) from the British Empire, the good folks at A Thousand Nations have been blogging on the topic of secession all week. You can find an index of posts here, and I highly recommend them, especially for those of you who have never given much thought to breaking up the United States into more manageable units.

Although those contributions to the debate are ample, allow me to offer my own take on why secession is still a good idea.

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