Tuesday, September 15, 2009

No Matter What Your #1 Issue is: THIS IS THE ANSWER

by Jim Condit, Jr.

We finished our regular Monday night Precinct Strategy Conference Call (9 PM EST, -- you can always find the phone number and pin for the weekly call at the top of www.WagTheDog2010.com.

A number of new members joined our National Precinct Strategy Meetup Group – and we now have more than 200 members at
www.meetup.com/national-precinct !!!! If we are to save the country – this has to go to 500, 1000, 20,000 and then 50,000+ -- and this CAN HAPPEN QUICKLY WITH THE INTERNET -- because more and more people want a COMPREHENSIVE STRATEGY, in addition to the rallies . . .

Last weekend (9-12-09) saw a magnificent rally in D.C. put on primarily by the 912 groups and the Tea Party groups.

If only the Rally organizers had told all who came to D.C. about the Precinct Strategy by which we can actually take back the government and the nation! If that had happened – we would be “on the playing field” -- and ready to take back our government RIGHT NOW.

In Montana and Idaho, local groups have 1100+ people ready to run for precinct. Party leaders are getting REAL NERVOUS and stating to attack these “precinct organizers.”

While many local individuals, and in some cases groups, -- are moving towards intelligently taking back their local county (via the precinct strategy). There still remains only one website and one video, as far as we know, that tells the visitor quickly and “straight up” why the Precinct Strategy is the one and only peaceful and constitutional way to take back our nation; why the Precinct Strategy is the MISSING INGREDIENT.

And that would be “The Strangest PoliticalSecret” video at www.WagTheDog2010.com.

We are getting 300 to 1000 visits per month to the video, and I’m getting 12 to 15 contacts per week of people who are waking up that the Precinct Strategy is the missing ingredient to Tea Parties, 912 Groups, Campaign for Liberty groups, and all other action programs.

This all uses up time and money, and I spend at least 15 to 20 hours a week talking to people who want to be educated, or are wanting to strategize, or need to be “confirmed in the faith” regarding the necessity of the precinct strategy – or the need to get back to machine-free, computer-free elections and count paper ballots at the neighborhood precinct once again.

The bandwith, website, and monthly website charges roll on – and we are now facing a critical juncture of collapse and burn regarding $, or lack thereof.

I must again rely on your strength. If I could fund it all myself I would, and you would never hear a financial plea from me.

This message is NOT to those few who have helped so generously and so often in the past, or to those who are on the automatic monthly support system of $10 or $15 a month. (Thanks to you all.)

This message is to all those who have thought of doing something to help us financially to educate the nation about the Precinct Strategy – and who are now in a position to do so – but have not gotten around to it yet.


On top of the immediate expenses of over $1000 that we are at this moment unable to pay, -- there is a new computer program out which legally approaches 10,000 people per day without spam. The cost of this program is about $650 – and it might solve the problem of funding this movement -- by helping us put various messages before thousands and thousands of more people.

If you possibly can, please send help right now to Network America in one of three ways:

-- paypal via votefraud@fuse.net

-- or – go to www.wagthedog2010.com at the link under the second video “Subscribe / SupportToday”,

-- or mail to Network America, PO Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211.

If you are unable to donate right now, please pray we reach the right people who can do so. Thanks to all.

I am willing to spend week in and week out trying to direct all the concerned and frustrated people towards the “playing field” – which is the Precinct Strategy. If you are not able to do this – but want to see it done – perhaps think of “hiring me” and become one of the 1500 people that will sponsor this effort to the tune of $100 per year. About 31 such people have stepped forth in the last several months.

As always, my phone number is 513-741-2095 if anyone wants to ask any questions about all this.

Don’t “hold your breath” for Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity Mike Huckabee, or Mitt Romney to tell Americans about the way to kick out all the party leaders at the local, state, and national level via the Precinct Strategy.

For that information – I’m afraid you still have to come here to the Network America / WagTheDog2010.com Family.

So, if you appreciate what we are trying to do, consider helping a bit, if you can.

Many thanks in advance.