Wednesday, September 9, 2009


by Jim Condit, Jr.

Many of us have been studying the drive for a New World Order Tyranny since the early 1970s. Some are just waking up.

I constantly debate how much to say these days about what is behind the man who can’t produce his birth certificate – Barack Obama, now occupying the office of President of the United States.

On the one hand, there is a minority of people who are seeking the whole truth – and they deserve to get it.

On the other hand, it is more important now to teach several million concerned Americans about WHAT TO DO, i.e., the Precinct Strategy. As we go down the road, I trust events will force all freedom-loving people to face reality.

The basic that MUST be understand – is that a ruthless group that has grasped control of the issue of money in almost all major countries is seeking a one world currency as a necessary step to their New World Order tyranny. This group can loosely be called the Rothschild-Rockefeller group, and they get their power through control of the Federal Reserve Board which issues all money and controls the issue of all credit for the USA.

It is this group that needs to be indicted, arrested, and convicted of treason.

It is this group that plans Communism for us, our children, and our grandchildren, -- while they operate the world as billionaires.

I’ll stop there for now – because every time I go further – some brainwashed moron wakes up long enough to say: don’t do the Precinct Strategy because Condit said this (or that).

Also, since the financial shakedown of September / October 2008 – almost everyone realizes there is a sinister financial power behind the current leadership of both the Democratic and the Republican parties.

Everyone had better realize that this Financial Elite has a detailed plan to achieve their goal of one world government tyranny – and that MOST of the voices trying to lead the concerned Americans are FALSE OPPOSITION – paid by the very Financial Elite that catapulted Obama into the White House.


I’ll soon do an in depth ewire on the persons and groups that are acting as the “False Opposition.” But let’s have a quick list. “False Opposition” has been one of the greatest weapons of those behind Communism for the last 100 years.

False Opposition means that certain people and groups are sent forth by the Rothschild/Rockefeller faction to keep people busy on secondary issues, and to drive all of the efforts of sincere Americans into a ditch.

So, as things are proceeding, here is my observation of who and what groups are acting as False Opposition, and at least one reason why:

-- Rush Limbaugh: not allowed to tell people about the Precinct Strategy, and not allowed to talk about the 4 computer companies (Diebold, Sequoia, ES & S, and Hart) – which “count” 96% of our vote in the USA in secret on election day.

-- Sean Hannity: same as Rush.

-- Bill O’Reilly: same as Rush.

-- Glenn Beck: same as Rush.

-- Mike Levin: same as Rush.

-- Michael (Weiner) Savage: same as Rush, Hannity, and O’Reilly – but even worse – because Savage is a former leftist, and fully understands the sinister game being played. Savage cuts any caller off who gets too close to certain subjects.

-- Campaign for Liberty: while I believe in the sincerity and dedication of the Ron Paul family – both the paid campaign staff in the 2008 Presidential campaign, and the current staff of Campaign for Liberty – are playing the role of false opposition. Campaign for Liberty will NOT tell their 200,000 supporters about the Precinct Strategy in the clear terms I explain it in the video at Campaign for Liberty also has 21,000 people who have volunteered to run for precinct bottled up – and does not allow them to talk to each other. In sharp contrast, our group – allows each member to talk to each other, or send a message to the whole group.

-- These next two groups fall into the category, in most cases, and at this point, -- of “the blind leading the blind” – namely, the Tea Party groups and the 912 groups. There are some exceptions here in some counties, but in general, these groups will, as of yet, not clearly and PUBLICLY explain to their supporters that the Precinct Strategy is the only way to kick the Dem and GOP party leaders OUT at the county level, and from therer take back the nation. I’ll go into depth soon on what is apparently holding these groups back, -- but it all leads to the same place: lack of an EASILY KNOWN effective over all action plan.

Today, Bill Cunningham, nationally syndicated to 400 cities on Sunday Night, interviewed Coach Dave Daubenmire (football, at Fairfield Christian High School in Lancaster, Ohio). Daubenmire on WLW radio, 700 AM.

Daubenmire has gotten some notoriety for his recent sit-in in front of his Congressman’s office, because the congressman would not hold a town meeting. Daubenmire held one anyway.

Daubenmire told Willie Cunningham that old guys using canes got up at his town meeting and said they fought in the Vietnam war, and that now the same crowd that lost the Vietnam war was back in control of the country, and they had expected the Republicans to put up a real fight since 2000, and even now.

Daubenmire told Cunningham with 160,000+ listerners tuning in – that the people were awakened and FRUSTRATED – but they did not know what to do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you can bet your bottom dollar that those receiving BIG BUCKS from the Rothschild-Rockefeller criminal syndicate are NOT about to tell these frustrated people what to do.

For that, I’m afraid, you are going to have to come here.


The Precinct Strategy is beginning to catch fire. Isolated Tea Party Groups, 912 Groups, and Campaign for Liberty Groups are passing up their national leaderships to openly advocate the only strategy that has a chance to peacefully and constitutionally take back the nation.

And many individuals around the nation are also taking a stand for the OPEN promotion of the Precinct Strategy.

In a nutshell:

On the Precinct Strategy Conference Call on Monday, Sept 7, 2009 – we had a number of group leaders from Ohio, Texas, and Indiana who are openly telling their people about the precinct strategy – and sending them to for the short “The Strangest Political Secret” video.

We have begun a “Precinct Strategy National Leadership Council” – and you can find it linked on the Home Page of – and if you wish to join after reading its very limited purpose – email me at with Leadership in the subject line.