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They Spoke and Fought for Our Freedom

From Braveheart To Big Fan

by Keith Johnson

I see a whole army of my countrymen, here, in defiance of tyranny. What will you do without freedom? Will you fight?”

~ William Wallace ~ from the motion picture “Braveheart”

Talk like that could get you branded a right-wing extremist these days.

We are now taught that feelings of hatred and anger are things that should be criminalized, and if you raise your voice anywhere outside of a sports stadium, you could very well be forced to take some anger management classes. Do it within earshot of a police officer and you just might get yourself a beat down, a tasering— or even worse—you just might get shot.

I wonder how things would have worked out for the people of Scotland, had they used their “indoor voice” when negotiating with their English oppressors, some 700 odd years ago. “Calm down,” “chill out,” “walk it off” and “take it easy” are quotes you don’t often associate with that era.



The corrupt leaders who have taken control of our government are inching us closer each day towards a third world war. They have wrecked our economy and intend on sinking our nation into despotism. Where is our William Wallace? Are there men willing to risk life and limb like the brave Scottish soldiers who soundly defeated the English at Stirling Bridge?

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AltRight Radio: Racism, Schmacism!

James Edwards, host of The Political Cesspool radio program and author of a new book, joins Richard Spencer to discuss the dreaded R-word.

ZOG Hierarchy Slaps People of Arizona in the Face

by Jim Condit, Jr.

* As Ronald Reagan said – a country that can’t protect its borders is no longer a country. (His speeches were good on this, but Reagan signed a big amnesty bill that gave amnesty to millions of illegal aliens circa 1986, a supposed one time thing.)

* As Pat Buchanan said in his 1996 Presidential Campaign – in which four companies controlled by this ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government) hierarchy stole the Republican primaries from him after he won the hand counts or otherwise verifiable counts in Alaska, Louisiana, Iowa (probably) and New Hampshire, after which he would have defeated Clinton in a landside following the Presidential debates and with an honest hand count of the votes – as Buchanan said then (paraphrased from memory), “They want to make the United States of America a mere province in their New World Order.” (See “A House without Doors” at to understand how the Big TV Networks and the four mega-votefraud companies working with them “defeat” people like Buchanan and Ron Paul for President, and “elect” people like W. Bush and Barry Obummer.)


So, with all major elected officials in the White House, Senate and Congress – having been selected (not provably elected) since 1988 – we now have a crop of traitorous judges appointed by these creeps.

Or, we have Judges “elected” on the same unverifiable and easily rigged computer systems. They tell the Tea Party people they lost several elections to far thi year – but did they? If we are stupid enough as a nation to let our ballots be taken from us and “counted” in secret by four sinister Wall Street Companies – then I guess we deserve to lose our country. But our children don’t deserve it.

Traitorous Judges like the one yesterday who slapped the people of Arizona in the face need to be called to account, one way or the other. She slapped the people of Arizona for her masters – the Judeo-Masonic hierarchy running the FED, the IMF, and the 5 TV Networks, the Congress, and the White House.

This no count Judge (?) was appointed by selected officials who cannot prove they were elected. All the elections we have now – except in 20% of New Hampshire and a few small counties in Idaho and Texas – are ILLEGAL. The ballots are counted in secret – which is a violation of all of our rights, as decided TWICE by the US Supreme Court when America was still free. See the youtube video, “South Carolina, Super Tuesday, and Ron Paul” – or many of the articles linked on the home page of–


That’s how we get Judges like the one yesterday who slapped Arizona in the face.

That liar with the big ears and mean eyes – the guy illegally occupying the White House who can’t produce his birth certificate – Barry Obummer – sneeringly said after the decision yesterday (paraphrase):
“Immigration is a federal issue. – hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee.”) And he knows that the Federal Government is COMMITTED to NOT stopping illegal immigration. W. Bush had the same policy because he was a puppet for the exact same Crowd as Barry Obummer is puppet for.


Michael Chertoff, descended from Russian Khazars who have been distortedly using the name “Jew” since about 800 A.D., Israeli citizen, and American (ha, ha) citizen – did not do one thing in his years as Homeland Security Director to seal our borders from illegal immigrants.

Chertoff and his crowd WANT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS! (Of course, that freak show follow up to Chertoff, Janet Napolitano, is carrying out the same program, with Chertoff or one of his agents looking over her

Chertoff installed or helped install full body scanners at airports to take very detailed naked pictures of your wives, daughters, children, and grandmas, which pictures can be sent digitally to Israel, the world capital of white sex slave trade – but he couldn’t do a THING about sealing OUR border!

Chertoff installed face-recognition cameras in as many cities as he could arm-twist – (now THAT’s a police state tool) – but he couldn’t do a THING to secure our borders.


Meanwhile, he and his fellow Israeli citizens were building a 30 foot high wall to further seal their apartheid state against the Palestinians whose land they stole in 1948. Chertoff and his allies could get THAT done with our USA money – but he couldn’t do a thing to secure our borders.

* Chertoff and his crowd engineer and support our soldiers in Iraq and Afghistan – fighting wars for Israel and the evil Jewish Banksters running the FED and the IMF with their hoped-for New World Order in sight, they think – but our soldiers are NOT allowed to guard OUR border.

Now, in exasperation, the people of Arizona begin to act – and sneering Obama says, “It’s a federal issue.” And he knows the federal government has done nothing, is doing nothing, and intends to do
nothing. WHAT A TRAITOR!


My congressional campaign will outline a full peaceful plan to take back our country – if millions will get serious and quit being led around in circles by Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity.

BUT – I don’t think the ZOG occupation government wants to play peacefully. They’re planning to send our own sons against us if we don’t accept their economic slavery and eventual physical slavery -- they have planned for us and our children. But we can defeat them if a few million people get pointed in the right direction.

We must start calling for the arrest of these traitors now – by name.

We need to appeal to the Sheriffs and Police Chiefs to start speaking out, as well as those in the military.

We have people sitting in the judges’ chairs, who were appointed by people sitting in the executive chairs – who can’t prove they were elected. The “elected” judges cannot prove they were elected, because the ballots are snatched from the people at closing time in 99% of the counties – thus breaking the chain of evidence to prove that the right ballots were even counted by the mysterious and easily rigged computers of Diebold, Hart, Sequoia, and ES& S.

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ARMINIUS: The Liberator of Europe


Two Thousand years ago a hero lived, a charismatic man who changed the course of global history. Yet his name, Arminius, or Hermann, or Armin, is seldom heard. The Germanics probably called him Armin, but his name became Hermann in the centuries to follow (generally attributed to Martin Luther). The Romans knew him as Arminius, it being the habit of the Romans to add the suffix “ius” or “us” to names. Here is his story . . .


Where are our heroes today? Why do we only worship antiheroes, who promote decadence and despair? Why do our youth know so much more about Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith and Madonna than real heroes? The answer most definitely lies with this controlled media—a great weapon—greater in power than all the legions of Rome. Our people need positive role models again. We need heroes—brave and honorable—who are willing to fight for truth, justice and liberty. We must be willing to sacrifice, as Arminius did, for the preservation of freedom and an honorable way of life.

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Ezra Loomis Pound: Canto XLV - with Usura



In yesterday's New York Times, columnist Frank Rich called Mel Gibson a "bigoted blowhard," branding his movie "The Passion of the Christ" anti-Semitic; he also attacked several Catholic and Protestant leaders who befriended Gibson, including Catholic League president Bill Donohue. Donohue responds as follows:

If Frank Rich were as sensitive to anti-Catholicism as he is anti-Semitism, there would be no problem. But the fact is he has an ugly record of attacking those who object to anti-Catholicism, but not the bigotry itself. The following examples suffice: the 1995 movie "Priest"; the 1998 play "Corpus Christi"; the 1999 Brooklyn Museum of Art exhibition, "Sensation"; the 1999 movie "Dogma"; the vitriolic reaction to Catholicism that accompanied "The Passion of the Christ"; his own newspaper's hypocritical and selective crusade against priestly wrongdoing; the ongoing "war on Christmas," etc. In every instance, his ire was directed at the protesters, not the object of their protest.

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The Language that Rose from the Dead

by Fr. Randall Paine

"A language must die to be immortal"

When it comes to expressing the eternal and immutable truths of the Christian faith, the only good language is a dead language.

Chesterton once made a disarming retort to the customary detraction of Latin as a "dead" language. He simply remarked that to say this is not a detraction at all, for quite in contrast to the detractor's intentions, it throws into profile the clear ascendancy of Latin over all the "living" languages of today. "It is the question of a dead language and a dying language. Every living language is a dying language, even if it does not die. Parts of it are perpetually perishing or changing their sense; there is only one escape from that flux; and a language must die to be immortal."

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Don’t Miss the Forest for the Trees this July 4th

by Jim Condit, Jr.

Celebrate the good, and the potential of America on July 4th, by all means, and have a great time.


But we might also ask ourselves after the 4th passes:

What would the Founding Fathers do if they were here now?”

Or, what would the patriots of ANY country do when faced with the onslaught of subversion that the USA is now facing?

The Trees are many. Problems everywhere.


The programs developed by the Rothschild/FED/Goldman Sachs-backed think tanks are being rolled out one after another after another after another behind current Puppet-in-chief Barack Obummer: Obama-care; Amnesty for 40 million illegal immigrants; continuing open-ended wars that costs billions, which Obummer said, or heavily implied, he would end during the 2008 campaign; bills introduced to control the free flow of information on the internet; gun control initiatives from many angles; cap and trade, a fancy name for heavy socialist taxes to break the US middle class once and for all; and on and on and on.

As one internet commentator said, “They’re firing a bullet past our heads every minute.”

So the trees are many.


But the “Forest” is this, that most people are missing: a realistic plan to take back the USA. And, as far as I know, I am the only candidate on the ballot in this election in the whole United States that has, and is devoting my campaign, to making such a realistic plan widely known to enough people, so that they can EACH act in their own locality, and actually achieve victory by 2012.

The Victory Plan has several parts:

First, all “Tea Party”, “912”, and other concerned Americans must make it their first priority to swarm into the precinct systems of the Republican and Democratic parties. Why? Because:

a) The Republican and Democratic Parties control every county and every state in this country.

b) It is only through control of the county Republican and Democratic parties that each county can throw out the secret computer counts on election day, and restore paper ballot counts conducted IN THE OPEN at closing time by citizens selected in an orderly way from each neighborhood precinct (or polling place).

Second, Americans must begin to demand “Free Enterprise Economics”, i.e., the replacement of the secretive, privately controlled FED – with a type of National Credit Office under Congress, as provided for in the Constitution, which will operate totally in the open – and do what the money issuing entity of any nation should do: put money in circulation sufficient to meet the needs of business and commerce; to meet the needs that we all have as human beings to work, to live, and to provide and purchase goods and services.



If tens of thousands, then hundreds of thousands, then millions of Americans begin promoting, “End the Fed: Demand Free Enterprise Economics”, we are on our way.

There are a number of variations of this general economic solution, which has been around for 93 years in one form or another, and any of them would work wonders compared to the current way the privately owned FED is treating the USA. Right now, the FED is using its power to contract the money supply, destroy the middle class, destroy small, privately owned businesses, and move us to a COMMUNIST-style country.


For one example, it has been announced that the government entities known as Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae – now hold 90% of the home mortgages in the USA. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Now, if you read just about any home mortgage agreement, the mortgage holder has the right to demand full payment at any time.

What if at some future time, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae say: we demand payment of all mortgages? BUT, they would further say – don’t worry – we’re not going to evict you from your house – you can stay in it and rent. But we at Freddie and Fannie own all these houses now.

IF that were to happen, then the USA would be just like the poor victims of Communist Russia – the government owns all the housing, and the peasants just rent. The people of the USA would be reduced to renting on a large COMMUNE, or we would be COMMUNIZED, with the authors of the system owning and running everything.

Again, for those new to this subject, Communism has always been one of the masks – but not the only mask -- of the International Banksters who control the FED, the IMF, and the other central banks of the world at this time.

It is this cabal which is pushing for the North American Union, the Amero (google it) to replace the dollar, the New World Order, gun control, control of the internet, etc. etc. etc. See “The Money Masters” for free on google video; or read, “The Naked Capitalist” by W. Cleon Skousen; or read any book by Fr. Denis Fahey; or read any book by Douglas Reed; and there are thousands of more sources available.


THE ANSWER is to help people identify the source of our problems, and move for an answer. In other emails I will go over the simple scam that is being played on us, and how easy it would be to fix IF enough people got behind the right plan.

AND – this Free Enterprise Money system could be instituted, and the FED could be ended, by enough people getting into the Precinct System, changing the party leaders, and changing the Congress.

Part of the process would be to educate the police, sheriffs, and military to WHY they need to back the people and Free Enterprise Economics with a National Credit Office under Congress – and not back those supporting the FED – when push comes to shove.

Since the term “Free Enterprise Economics” (called Social Credit in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Great Britain) is new to most people, here again are the two online sources that help explain it:


Online book:


So that’s the “Forest”, a realistic plan that can be implemented and can take back America, if enough people understand it and get into action. * Precinct Strategy to fire current party leaders and Congress, and replace them with loyal, alert Americans;

* Restore open, transparent, paper ballot vote counts;

* Demand “Free Enterprise Economics” via a National Credit Office under Congress, which issues interest free money to roughly equal the goods and services produced by the nation as a whole -- in place of the FED.


For me to beat John Boehner for Congress in the November 2010 election – would be a very, very, very long shot at this point, -- but to get these all-important messages out to millions of people – to reach searching people with a plan for Total Victory, is realistic, and can be done, with the help of thousands of those who share the same goal.

That’s the plan. Help me and I will get this word out. Together we can reach at least hundreds of thousands, if not millions, by November 2010 via big radio station ads, email, phone, person-to-person contact, conference calls, and our internet websites.


Network America

P.O. Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211

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Are Republicans Being Forced to Take A Dive for the November Elections?

by Jim Condit, Jr.

Of all the things the AIPAC-enslaved Republicans in Congress could take a stand on – what do you think they are taking a stand on?

Are the Republicans making a big issue of blocking the Trotskyite Communist Kagan from getting on the Supreme Court where she can spend the next 25 years trying to turn our population into an enslaved population under the thumb of the international Banksters? No.

Are the Republicans objecting loudly to the billions in foreign aid that goes to a myriad of countries around the world? No.

Are the Republicans making an issue the $80 billion that congress just approved to continue the two unconstitutional “wars”, where our most brave young men are standing around like so much target practice for the natives of Iraq and Afghanistan? No.

In the midst of the worst depression since 1929, -- and with the modern day Money Changers around the FED contracting the money supply thus

preventing the normal development of job growth and economic progress in the USA -- the Republicans in Congress are LOUDLY taking a stand, week after week, on cutting off unemployment benefits to millions out of work, millions who are living week to week, and unable to find a good paying job – thus depending on the unemployment check.

The Republicans make loud noises on cutting off unemployment benefits in the media – calling for austerity in this ONE area – while not objecting to allocating billions and billions to ridiculous – and even anti-American causes.

So far the Republicans have always given in at the last minute to continue the unemployment checks, but not before they give the big media a chance to paint them as the “meanies” and the Demoncrats as the “compassionate.”

This Republican stunt, led by girly-men like Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky – have also given Demoncrat Nancy Pelosi the chance to look good before millions of Americans as she comments on Republican stall tactics by saying things like, “This is just mean.”

So I ask: are the Republicans being forced to “take a dive” on this unemployment issue – like a boxer throwing a match – so that the
Russian-Jewish Crime Syndicate that runs ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX – and the four mega-companies (Diebold, ES &S, Hart, Sequoia) who “count” 99% of our nation’s vote in secret on easily rigged computers – can make it believable that the Republicans make only small gains, but do not gain control of either the House or the Senate.

THE “OBAMA PROGRAM” IS TO ROLL ON, as the International Banksters continue their attempt to COMMUNIZE AMERICA.

Will we intelligently resist? If you would like to see messages like this reach the public over the largest talk stations in the USA right in the middle of the Beck, Hannity, and Limbaugh shows – then help me make it happen. (As a congressional candidate, FCC-licensed radio and TV stations must carry my ads, uncensored and unaltered – whether they like it or not.)

And, of course, with your help – we will make the SOLUTION to our nation’s money problems, “Free Enterprise Economics”, a household word in millions of households.

End the Fed! Demand Free Enterprise Economics! (article) (Online book)

Network America

P.O. Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211

Hit the Road, Pete!

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