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by Harmony Daws

It would seem that we are always harping on liberal Judaism. This would not be necessary if conservative Christians showed any awareness of the power and intent of this religious/ethnic group, which are directly opposed to our beliefs. Throwing historical caution to the wind, modern evangelicals are the worst offenders in hysterical philo-Semitism. They romanticize Jews, Israel, and Judaism to an insulting degree. Rather than heeding Jesus’ warning to beware unconverted Judaism, modern evangelicals rush to embrace it. There is even a new trend of Christian couples incorporating Judaism into their wedding ceremonies.

For this reason, I must sadly draw attention to one of the worst and most glaring cases of liberal Judaism’s antagonism to Christian values today. The Jewish Forward plainly reports that Jewish groups are “again mobilizing” to fight for the “right” of a woman to kill her unborn child. The Jewish Telegraph Agency says without apology that abortion is a “Jewish establishment priority” that Obama should have discussed in his State of the Union address. Seconds after the speech, the National Council of Jewish Women was complaining about the omission.

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