Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ARMINIUS: The Liberator of Europe


Two Thousand years ago a hero lived, a charismatic man who changed the course of global history. Yet his name, Arminius, or Hermann, or Armin, is seldom heard. The Germanics probably called him Armin, but his name became Hermann in the centuries to follow (generally attributed to Martin Luther). The Romans knew him as Arminius, it being the habit of the Romans to add the suffix “ius” or “us” to names. Here is his story . . .


Where are our heroes today? Why do we only worship antiheroes, who promote decadence and despair? Why do our youth know so much more about Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith and Madonna than real heroes? The answer most definitely lies with this controlled media—a great weapon—greater in power than all the legions of Rome. Our people need positive role models again. We need heroes—brave and honorable—who are willing to fight for truth, justice and liberty. We must be willing to sacrifice, as Arminius did, for the preservation of freedom and an honorable way of life.

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