Friday, October 30, 2009

Jim Condit Jr.'s Response to Sincere Activist about Rush, Glenn, 912, CFL

You will notice that Jim's responses are behind five stars (*****)

Here’s the email, with the responses interspersed:

Activist writes:

Hi Jim,

While I agree with the overall tenor of Neal's letter, I don't agree that "there is no one on the list that cannot contribute at least $10 to $15
per month."

***** (my response) I agree, Friend – you are right. There are people who can’t donate $10 even once right now. That’s why I always say in
my fundraisers, “If you’re not able to donate now, please pray we reach the right people. ******

Activist writes:

I am an organizer for or a member of quite a few political activist groups/organizations which also need and request financial contributions.

***** (my response) With respect, Activist, the other organizations do not deserve donations now, because they are not telling people to prioritize their efforts to the one thing that we can all DO to take back the country, short of a second, armed American revolution. Things are that serious. We either work like a laser right now to peacefully and constitutionally take back our country from the Banksters around the FED and Wall Street, via peaceful and constitutional means -- or things will degenerate into a frightful civil war, or simply slavery for the next generation. The leaders mentioned below, who, for whatever reason, are stuck on rallies, begging letters, and symbolic acts – must lead, follow, or get out of the way. *****

Activist writes:

While I pretty much agree that "the Precinct Strategy is the ONE STOP SOLUTION – THE ONE SIZE FITS ALL SOLUTION to all the outrages that Obama and those behind him are trying to implement" (as ell the neocons and New World Order elite), I believe that we still need to meet the challenge of fighting the changes that are being implemented

***** (my response) So do I, but we can do that while all entering our precincts – and “shouting from the rooftops” for everyone to make this their PRIORITY for the next year – because it is the ONLY offensive strategy that COULD result in VICTORY. --- In other words, we can walk and chew gum at the same time. YOU KNOW THIS, MY FRIEND, -- so why don’t the big organizations and big Media voices know this?

***** (my further response) Also, the “fighting the changes” as presented by these other groups – is a guaranteed slow loser – because methods and actions they promote are all purely DEFENSIVE programs. The Precinct Strategy is an OFFENSIVE program. This is why Rush, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck, in my judgment, are not allowed to promote the precinct strategy. Those paying them millions of dollars don’t want the victimized Americans to figure out how to TAKE THE OFFENSIVE. So these other groups are offering basically hopeless strategies in the long run: defense, begging programs, yell at your congressman, ONLY. Even “voting” is not a solution, because 99% of the American vote is counted in secret by only four mega-computer companies; see I know some people get hacked off when I put it this way, but it describes what’s happening. I need to go into the concept of “False Opposition” at greater length somewhere else. The Banksters behind Obama have ALWAYS erected their own opposition to misdirect those who really want to fix the situation. *****

ACTIVIST writes:

. . . NOW, or are attempting to be implemented, while we work the Precinct Strategy, which I also believe will take quite a while before we see very much fruit from it.

***** (my response) The reason it’s going to take quite a while, as things look tonight, is because the national leaderships of 912, Tea Party, CFL, Rush, Sean, Glenn, et al – will not shout the Precinct Strategy from the rooftops. Rallies? YES! (They don’t threaten to fire all the corrupt party leaders and all the corrupt congressmen – 99% in both categories; and they are corrupt because they serve Mammon emanating from the FED and the dark side of Wall Street.) Go gripe at a Town Meeting? YES! (Doesn’t threaten to fire the congressmen and the traitorous party leaders who endorsed him.). Send a Pink Slip to Washington. YES! (It’s symbolic, and has no chance to fire the congressmen and the party leaders who endorsed them.) Shout for everyone to go into the precincts as the first priority? RUSH, SEAN, GLENN WILL NOT DO IT – because if millions became aware of, and entered the precincts tomorrow morning – we would be on the verge of taking back the parties and then the Congress in 2010. It seems anything is approved and promoted to the hilt as long as the activity merely allows the frustrated millions to blow off steam – and nothing more. But telling them to make Precinct Strategy the first priority this year so we can fire the party leaders and the congress and replace them with constitutional Americans in 2010. NO! That must not be promoted or allowed. When some of the local people catch on, or state leaders, or county leaders catch the vision of the Precinct Project – then the 912 national leaders and the Tea Party national leaders, and the Campaign for Liberty national leaders say: “Ssssshhhhhhhh! Work quietly. Sneak up on them, etc. etc. etc.” ---- WHY? WE have the millions of people. Why are we tiptoeing quietly around these traitors and criminals, and their lackeys?? WHY? These local and state Republican and Democratic leaders should be fearing for their jobs and their freedom (I’m talking jail for what many of them have done) – not be encouraged by all of us tip-toeing around them like they are some kind of demi-gods. *****

Activist writes:

Organizations working at the national, state and local levels to meet the aforementioned challenge also need and deserve funding,

***** (my response) Not this year. For the next year, every alert American who knows about the precinct strategy should tell all these other organizations that they will not get another dime until they make the precinct strategy, and FIRING the party leaders and the congress via the precinct system the NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. Yes, Glenn Beck and the 912 rally got things going. I GO TO THESE RALLIES, and support them. But with 1.5+ million in DC on 9-12-09 – that’s as far as rallies can go. IT SHOULD BE CLEAR TO EVERYONE that the Ruling Elite behind Congress and Obama do NOT respond to these rallies, because they know they have the vote count fixed via easily rigged computers, -- and they know they control every county and state in the nation through their lackeys in the Republican and Democratic parties.

****** (my further response) Now – if these groups and leaders are about anything other than allowing the people to blow off steam – the
priority must be EXACTLY what the priority of the groups I am leading (Network America,, and–and the groups that got going on their own with the same objectives,,, etc.). *****

Activist writes:

otherwise I think that in the not-so-distant future it will be too late for the Precinct Strategy to save us and our country.

***** (my response): It will only be too late if the millions of frustrated people have the ANSWER (Precinct Strategy) hidden OR OBSCURED from them at this key moment by the national leaders of 912, the Tea Party, movement, the Campaign for Liberty leaders, the NRA, etc. etc. etc. etc. That is why I say without the slightest hesitation that whatever money is available FOR THIS NEXT YEAR
should go ONLY to the groups like the ones I mentioned above -- that are telling people the precinct solution. The others need to be cut off,
for now, until they tell the people the precinct solution as the TOP PRIORITY. *****

Activist writes:

Many people who wish to save the country by whatever means are simply in too much debt or barely able to make ends meet to contribute very much money.

****** (my response) I understand that, and I’m sure Neal does too, but he was talking to those who can, which are still a lot of people.*****

Activist writes:

I would LOVE to contribute $10 to $15 (and even more!) per month to this group and the others I described above, but I at this point I simply can't. I think that what you wrote about some people being able to afford giving $5, some $10 or $25, some $50 or $100 and some $1000, is much more reasonable for many us, especially those who believe in the importance of the work being done by the aforementioned kind of organizations. I'm a member of the Campaign For Liberty, but not a paid member because I can't give them $35 a year right now. However, I do agree with you that the C4L (as well as the Tea Party and 912 movements) should emphasize and prioritize the Precinct Strategy solution. Perhaps I can lobby the C4L to do so, though I think I'd probably have a much better chance of influencing it if I paid the $35 annual dues and enrolled in the Local Coordinator program, which is one of the things the dues make one eligible to do.

****** (my response) I don’t believe any amount of people paying $35 to Campaign for Liberty under the current leadership would influence them to do anything other than what they are doing. I think John Tate and several top leaders of CFL are careerist politicos who want a fat, cushy job in Washington DC when Ron Paul retires. I believe in Ron Paul and his family, but the leadership teams Ron Paul was convinced to choose to run his Presidential campaign, and the Campaign for Liberty, are looking like “false opposition” operatives to me. I could go on at great length on this, and must soon. – And I do appreciate that you have a clear vision of the value of the precinct strategy. *****

Activist writes:

After having said all of that, I do anticipate having the resources to pay the C4L dues AND make at least some kind of donation to the Precinct Program in the not-too-distant future. Thank you for your time, your attention and your vital work, Jim.

***** (my response) And thank you for your undeniable sincerity and devotion to truth and freedom. I hope you realize that I am not directing any vehemence or displeasure towards you. Your email just spurred me to articulate what I have been wanting to say for some time – and I really believe is the truth. I will not give any of those national organizational leaders a break until they start emphasizing the ONLY peaceful and constitutional solution that exists, the precinct strategy. Right now, these organizations are doing what Obama cannot do – misdirecting the millions of concerned Americans (the very ones they have activated and inspired into action) at this critical moment. That’s what FALSE OPPOSITION is -- erected by the Communists in 1917 in Russia, and now their descendants in New York City and Washington DC today. FALSE OPPOSITION leaders direct people to blow off steam, while sapping their energies and resources, -- while suppressing and smearing those people who are trying to get the real solution out. For my part, I will never give up, and will keep trying, even if we have only $3 for every $3 million that the big organizations (who won’t emphasize the solution) raise and spend.

***** (my further response) I understand about the hard financial straits out there, as I am in and out of them myself, especially this year. For our part, in our current ChipIn campaign at we are asking for a one time donation by Thanksgiving. If I could, I would fund the whole thing myself, and would never bring up the uncomfortable subject of money. We only are trying to raise the $15,000 because without it we cannot get the needed social networking website up so everyone can organize and communicate throughout the nation, -- and I cannot spend but a few hours a day working to alert leaders in ALL the regions of the country about this. And as far as I know, nobody else is even trying to devote full time to getting this message out nationally so as to find and connect the local leaders in all regions, -- as I am trying to do. That’s why I’ve asked for $$ help – and, as always, I end my own appeals by saying if you simply can’t contribute now, please say a prayer that we reach the people who can.

***** (my ending response) Again, please do not take any offense. Your email just helped to bring out my thoughts on this matter, which I believe with all of my heart, and I do not say lightly. If any of these organizations or leaders or media voices change – I will be among the first to recognize this, and applaud.

Sincerely and best wishes,

Jim Condit Jr. *****

Jim Condit Jr.
Network America, PO Box 11339,
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211