Friday, August 28, 2009

The Precinct Project: A Sample Email

This Type of Activity should be happening in all Counties.

By Jim Condit Jr.

Here is an email I sent to our local "Greater Cincinnati" precinct group. This is the type of actiivty that should be happening in every county at this time for the pro-freedom constitutionalists who want to add the "missing ingredient" to the Tea Parties and the Campaign for Liberty type movements.

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The next meeting for our Precinct Strategy Movement will be tonight at “The Farm” in Delhi at 8 PM (east room with the piano and stage).

The Farm is at 239 Anderson Ferry Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45238 (Delhi). Optional: The Farm’s excellent weekly buffet is available from 5 PM to 8 PM, if anyone wants to eat dinner at the Farm before the meeting.

Buffet prices are at the link below for Adults, Seniors, and children. Every month some of us have eaten dinner at the Farm in thanks for the space – although again, it is optional.

All details are here:

The next goal is to identify about 50 people who will be willing to accept or buy the "Precinct Finder" -- and from there we will progressively help people become aware of what precinct they are in. There are about 1000 precincts in Hamilton County, and far less in the surrounding counties -- maybe 180 in Clermont County, for instance.

We had hoped that more and different people would come to the meetings each week, as the meetings are not meant to be repetitive. This has not happened -- but we have found out about the regional tea party groups such as western hills, eastern hills, and Tri-County.

So, much of the work can now be done between meetings by conference calls and phone calls. We will publish a list of people and precincts, with their permission -- so that everyone can see how "doable" this project is, and how much momentum we can build quickly in making "precinct" a regular part of everyone's consciousness and yearly routine.

Since the law in Ohio has been changed to a County-Wide Precinct Organizational Meeting to elect the new County Party Chairman in the GOP to every four years -- the next such meeting will not be until about May 2012 -- may be as early as March 2012. The Dems still hold their county organizational precinct meetings every two years as far as I know.

If anyone wishes to plug into our volunteer network to help look up which activist in what precinct. feel free to come to the meeting tonight. Or call me at 513-741-2095 anytime.


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