Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hollywood Cowboy “Extinct”

By Ty Hardin

This is a commentary I do not like to write but someone must do it. It is a tribute to a time in our film history when the Cowboy was the focus and the paycheck for a blossoming, productive, and fun filled Film Industry that I was privileged too spend forty years of my life dedicated too. It was my life as I went into Warner Bros. at five o’clock in the morning six days a week too work twelve hours plus making black and white one hour, action packed, clean cut, historical stories of the taming of the west and the building of a great Christian nation. Millions of our kids were playing Cowboys and Indians in the streets of Brooklyn to the shores of California. Our founding fathers would have been proud of us for our contribution to moral values and justice to all, for the kids of our nation and the world. These values and principles made our nation great and our TV heroes were respected all over the world.

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