Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Day Bomber a “Hollywood-Chertoff” Hoax

Network America Ewire analysis:

There is no question in my mind that the “Christmas Day Condom Bomber” was a complete hoax perpetrated by Michael Chertoff’s crowd, with the collusion of the Crime Syndicate running ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and Fox.

Here are the relevant points which I am urging you to consider:

1. It is not clear to me whether the perpetrator himself is an MK Ultra mind control victim, a hypnosis victim, a conscious collaborator, a manipulated Islamo-terrorist -- or what. What seems clear to me, however, is that he was being pushed along by Shadow Government agents to MAKE SURE he got on that plane for this Christmas Day Hoax.

2. Keep in mind that this passenger did NOT have a passport – and was paying in CASH. Try to go to an airport anywhere in Europe or America and try to fly out of a country without a passport. This guy was let on the plane to perform this “stunt” – on cue for evil Michael Chertoff and the “Homeland Security” boys.

3. Sorry to shock anyone who has found their way onto this list from the Precinct Movement, but this ewire has a ten year history of telling the readers what we believe is going on – and I cannot stop doing that now.

4. Michael Chertoff and company are primarily dual citizens: citizens of Israel and the USA. Chertoff grew up in Israel. He and his crowd are loyal to Israel and the International Banking System around the Federal Reserve Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and other central banks, -- which form the financiers of the Shadow Government trying to move us towards their hoped-for New World Order tyranny.

5. See the book, “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin, “Confessions of an Economic Hitman,” by John Perkins, the documentary, “The Money Masters” on google video by Bill Still, and “Congressman Paul Findley Dares to Speak Out Again” on Google Video. None of these sources identifies the “Neo-Con Jewish Crime Syndicate” that is the main part of this financial/New World Order force, except for former Congressman Paul Findley’s video.

6. Needless to say, the everyday Jewish person is no more a part of this elite criminal hierarchy than the everyday Italian was part of the Mafia
hierarchy in the 1930s. However, if you do not realize that his “Neo-Con Jewish Crime Syndicate” controls ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN – AND – Fox – then you will not realize how you and most Americans are being manipulated by the daily news which they EMPHASIZE.

7. It is these men who animate puppet Obama, whose chief of staff and handler – is Rahm Israel Emanuel (a citizen of Israel and the USA). This Crime Syndicate controls the news at ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and FOX – and that’s why:

8. The 5 Big TV Networks gave SATURATION coverage to the "Christmas Day Condom Bomber” on Christmas Day – and still do. Obama’s puppet masters have had him put this to the front of his agenda, with highly publicized meetings at the White House about how “the intelligence community failed to connect the dots” and goofed up big time.

9. Like Paris Hilton’s rehab problems, the “Christmas Day Condom Bomber” gets saturation coverage from the 5 Big TV Networks, pushing this incident into the minds of almost every American – while, with the exception of Fox, these networks virtually ignored the 2 million people who rallied against Obama’s agenda on 9-12-09. You can go anywhere and ask everyday Americans if they knew that over 1 million protested Obama’s agenda in Washington DC on 9-12-09 – and you will find that many, many Americans have not even heard of this astounding event. But they’ve ALL heard of the “Christmas Day condom bomber” and Paris Hilton’s rehab problems. I’m just pointing out how these 5 Big TV networks manipulate the people of the USA. (There is not time or space in this ewire to go into exactly what the role is that FOX NEWS, under pornographer and Hillary Clinton supporter Rupert Murdock, plays in the current psychological warfare to move the USA into being a mere province in their hoped-for New World Order.)

10. To broadcast this “condom bomber” incident on CHRISTMAS DAY across America was to the glee of some sick, Talmudic-Jewish minds, who
concocted the SCRIPT for this whole incident. These sick minds revel in the fact of pushing this type of filthy talk over the airwaves on the Day celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, Whom they hate with a vengeance most people can’t imagine and won’t believe. Hate? Yes, hate. The Talmud, infinitely worse than the Koran which the Neo-con Jewish TV Networks excoriate night and day, says that Jesus dies five deaths everyday in Hell, one from being boiled in excrement, etc. For info on the truth about the Talmud, go to and see Elizabeth Dilling’s book online, or get Michael Hoffman’s landmark book, “Judaism Discovered”, or some of the books of the Rev. Ted Pike – and this information is also available from many other sources.

11. This “condom bomber” incident is to make you accept full body scans which can see through your clothing, your daughter’s clothing, your
mother’s clothing, and your grandmother’s clothing – providing sick, Talmudic-AntiChrist-Jews like Michael Chertoff with a video record of the naked bodies of everyone who is flying -- if they can get their way with implementing these full body scans.

12. You are supposed to think, “Gee, if the mad-bomber was concealing a condom in his pants with explosives in it by which he could have blown up the plane – then we need full body scans which can see through our clothing!” That’s what you’re supposed to think.

13. This cooked up script only is rivaled by the “Shoe” bomber incident – for absurdity. We are supposed to believe that this guy had a condom filled with explosive liquid (what liquid?) and he tried to inject a shot of something into it with a syringe in mid-flight to blow up the plane – but it failed. Ridiculous to think that this would be the modus operandi of someone who really wanted to hurt the USA. It’s a script from Michael Chertoff and company to get you to accept full body scans at the airport -- which provide them with a picture of your naked body.

14. The “war on terror” has always been a war on YOU and ME from this sick crowd. The airport harassment is meant to get you and me used to following any manipulating order they progressively pass down to the public. ---- TAKE NOTE: At the same time they are directing the guards at the airports to paw your grandmother and pull your daughter aside as a potential “terrorist” – Michael Chertoff and his criminal gang have NOT been scanning the baggage being put on the planes that is “checked in” rather than carried on. If such scanning has started now to a small degree, it definitely was not going on up until 2005 – four years after 9-11-01.(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

15. AND REMEMBER: Chertoff and his gang of criminals have PREVENTED border security in this country – allowing anyone and everyone to come across the border -- especially from Mexico. SO – since the Moslem/Arabs who are inclined to use violence – have been able to set off hundreds and hundreds of roadside bombs in Iraq with 150,000 American soldiers in the IMMEDIATE area – they could easily set up such bombs here in the USA, both on roadsides and in malls – if they were trying to perpetrate these terror incidents in the USA. They would not be messing around with condoms full of liquid on planes – which again, is just the incident Michael Chertoff and Rahm Emanuel and their crime associates – needed to manipulate you into accepting full body scans that produce naked pictures of you and your family when you fly. That’s what they HOPE you will accept anyway.

16. Naturally, those who still believe the official Big TV Network story on the 9-11-01 terror attacks -- will find this far-fetched. But once you realize that 9-11-01 was perpetrated by the dark side of Israel’s government and their Neo-Con Jewish Crime Syndicate running most of our federal US Government – then you will have it together about how this crowd uses FALSE FLAG operations and PHONY SCRIPTED INCIDENTS to manipulate the public to accept their wars, and their increasing police state in the USA. See the video “911 Mysteries” for free at – and the video “Missing Links” at – although I don’t endorse every nuance of the tone of that video; and “911 Solved” the free ebook by Christopher Bollyn at --

Much more could be said – and I’m working so hard on trying to get normal Americans into the precinct system to take back the government of the USA peacefully and constitutionally – that I have sent out a lot of these ewires in the past six months. But every once in a while I can’t stand the deception being perpetrated on Americans by the five big TV networks and the Neo-Con Jewish Crime Syndicate running Israel and most of the USA. Then I have to say something. The only purpose of this ewire is to help YOU and other everyday people of good will – understand what is happening so we can do our part to stop it – and save our country and the world from these moral monsters.

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