Thursday, April 22, 2010

Last Call? Be Part of Plan to Save America

by: Jim Condit, Jr.

I hope it’s not the last call – but many think we’re getting closer.

GO WATCH my new 2 minute video at -- and get involved with a program that can work to spread what needs to be done to a few million people this year – starting right now – and before the November election.

Actually, I think the odds are WAY on our side --- if a few tens of thousands of people would get behind the right plan. And –

The only guy promoting the right plan ON THE PUBLIC RADIO WAVES as well as on the internet – is a guy who looks and sounds an awful lot like me.

THE FIRST MINUTE OF THE VIDEO IS THE RADIO AD I WILL AIR IN THE NEXT TWO WEEKS IN THE MIDWEST IF YOU HELP ME. The ad announces an hour long radio show I can buy on A BIG AM STATION for $300 this Sunday Night at 10 PM (April 25) and $300 for next Sunday night (May 2)

The ad also hits on the one issue that will get a lot of people’s attention – the bail out theft, the lack of money in circulation, and the $$ crimes that are being committed against our nation by a few modern day Money Changers.

No one likes to look like a braggart, but there are only three campaigns for US Congress or US Senate in 2010 in the USA that I’m aware of that can make a gigantic difference:

1. Rand Paul (Ron Paul’s son) for US Senate in Kentucky. He’s 19 points up and Sarah Palin has recently endorsed him. (!) His victory would send a message and rally people nationwide against endless unconstitutional wars using our young men – and against the Communist-Style, intrusive government that Obummer and the people behind him are pushing.

2. Jim Traficant is going to run for Congress in Youngstown, Ohio. Traficant is one of the best speakers in the country – and has come out of his totally unjust prison term swinging – against AIPAC and the traitorous organized “Jewish Lobby” in this country. (Traficant doesn’t call them traitorous, he just says they are militating against the interests of this country, the USA. But he is a tremendous and persuasive voice.)

3. My campaign. Jim Condit Jr. for Congress 2010 – I’m on the ballot against that symbol of Republican compromise, Congressman John Boehner. My strategy is to work with the people of the 8th District of Ohio – and volunteers in October, 2010 from anywhere in the USA, to “send them a message”. And what a message it will be. Read the details at the links on the lefthand column at – such as the links, “Reaching Millions”, “Reasonable Access Law”, and “Send Them A Message”.

The New York Times attempted an identity theft against myself and hundreds of other Precinct Activists on Friday, January 15, 2010 in a front page article. (FRONT PAGE!) They tried to give a guy named Phil Glass and his pop-up organization our identity.


I’ll tell you why. Because they knew that if our momentum continued to build – and if a few hundreds thousand of the Tea Party people ADDED running for Precinct Captain (or Committeeman in some states) to their activities – then we would all vent our RIGHTEOUS ANGER PROPERLY – and FIRE all the county Republican Party leaders nationwide -- and with the NEW BLOOD as Party leaders – CHANGE THE CONGRESS.

AND -- that would break the power of the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, and the other 300 or 400 families and their allies who are ruining this nation – and this world. THAT’s why the New York Times attempted identity theft against me and hundreds of other activists.

And the five or six other strategies that need to be done – PLEASE LISTEN UP !!! – I know what they are, and I can trumpet them via major AM TALK stations across the USA IF I have the support to do so.

And we can come to close to beating John Boehner – or even beat him – with 7500 volunteers from anywhere in the USA in October of 2010 – IF I have the funds to hire the organizers to organize the volunteers. Our strategy trumps the secret computer vote “counts.”

PLEASE – in this year of 2010 – QUIT wasting your time and money on so many other programs that will NOT get the job done. Help me – learn the strategies that need to be done – and then you’ll be able to figure out which other activities, if any, you recognize as worthwhile – the FEW which merit our support.

So – please go now to the 2 minute video at – watch it – and help. $5 from 500 people would get the job done in these next two weeks. And $5 from 50,000 people would shake up the nation by election day in November. And with the internet – 50,000 people could have viewed that two minute video by next week. Of course, $100 from a few people buys these radio shows – (actually I’m putting in the first $300 to buy the first radio show) – and if you are fighting mad and have the money – the maximum donation to the campaign is $2400 per person. But those $5 donations are maybe what will do the job.

Everyone into the battle!

Jim Condit, Jr.

Network America

PO Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211