Monday, August 23, 2010

Obummer-Puppet Says Permanent Occupation is Withdrawal

by: Jim Condit, Jr.

With a base in Iraq that is bigger than Vatican City in Italy, -- and with 50,000 combat troops left in Iraq for now --- Obummer is absurdly (and obediently) telling America that the “combat mission” in Iraq is over.
I still remember reading in the early 1970s where Robert Welch, the head of the John Birch Society, stated that if the “Conspiracy” continued to succeed – that we would eventually be bombarded with news commentators and government officials who would all be enthusiastically parroting the Communist party line, no matter how absurd or false it was. We are there today. As long as we understand that the Communist party line is, and always has been, the “Rothschild/Rockefeller International Bankster” line – and they want Communism status for you and your children and friends – and billionaire “we’re running everything” status for themselves. And, yes, however unpalatable it is for the brainwashed, the majority of these important banksters and their allies and agents at the top – are Russian Khazar “Jews” whose families came here from Russia in the last 200 years and got American citizenship. These “Khazars” were never Hebrews, and never followed the Old Testament – and have pulled off the greatest identity theft of all time, as 40 million Evangelicals in the USA think they are of Hebrew descent.


Many powerful people have stated in the news that we will be in Iraq for 15 more years. We’ve already been there 7 years. Yet news items in these recent days seem to be stating that all US troops will be out of Iraq by next year. Which is it? I’m thinking it’s going to be 15 years if we let them get away with it. What would happen to our “bigger than the Vatican” base in Iraq if all our troops withdrew? No. The evil Ruling Elite is planning to use our troops for the foreseeable future in the gigantic US base in Iraq – which will serve as a launching point for attacks on other nations that the monsters running Israel, New York, and D.C. want to attack in the years ahead. Yes, worldwide Islam is a problem – but they are not attacking us since 1948 – we are attacking THEM at the behest of the Khazar “Jews” running the USA. By the way, these top Jews have controlled immigration in Europe since 1945 through the US government, and immigration into the USA since 1965. The reason we wake up to find so many Moslems in Europe and the USA is because the top Jewish Network deliberately let them immigrate so that there can be plenty of strife, and so that the top Jewish Network can believably blame their contrived terror attacks on Moslems – just as was done on 9-11. The phony “Jewish Media-approved” controversy over the mosque near “ground zero” in New York City is meant to rev up the war fever and tension. As Carol Valentine
( wrote years ago (paraphrase): “The top Jews are saying: you Christians and Moslems fight and war against each other, we’ll stand back here and hold your coats.” Thus, prototype Russian Khazar “Jew”, Mayor Bloomberg of New York – SUPPORTS the mosque going in near ground zero! The Jewish lobby controls New York City completely, and could easily zone out anything they wanted from anywhere. Yet look at the temperatures rising over the carefully managed debate. (Sadly, millions of New Yorkers and other Americans still think the Arabs did 9-11, when it was in fact the top Jewish Elite; see 911 Mysteries video, 911 Missing Links video,,,, 9-11 Evil, the book, etc. etc. etc.)


To underscore that we are still engaged in a full blown occupation of Iraq – one US soldier was killed on the day, or the day after, Obummer announced the end of combat operations.


And the Obummer administration simultaneously tells us that most US soldiers are not coming home to guard our borders – but are going for a short rest in Kuwait before heading to the Hell on Earth of combat and occupation in Afghanistan. Why are we there again?


It’s still OK to call black people an “Uncle Tom” in certain contexts – but probably not his one. Uncle Tom was a “Yassir, as in Yes, sir” obedient black slave to his slave masters. So, for instance, black movie star Harry Belafonte called General Colin Powell and Condeleeza Rice a pair of “Uncle Toms” who got to sit at the Master’s table. And that’s all Barack Obama is – and Uncle Tom to the same top Jewish Banksters who run the FED, the 5 Big TV Networks, and the USA. That’s why I said at the beginning of this ewire that Obummer is “obediently” telling Americans that our combat mission in Iraq is over – even as we keep 50,000 combat troops there. How absurd – but Uncle Tom Obama is doing what his Masters at the big banks are telling him to do. And the Tea Party and 912 movements are now in total disarray, with the blind leading the blind, and nonsense being spewed on top of nonsense. Glenn Beck, instead of telling the people that: -- we need to demand honest voting with paper ballots counted at each neighborhood precinct by people -- BEFORE the ballots leave the sight of the judges in each precinct, i.e, computer-free, machine-free elections; -- instead of telling the people they need to storm the precincts in every county and take the Democratic and Republican parties at the county level AWAY from the Bankster front men now running these local, county parties; -- and instead of telling the people how money should be issued to return prosperity AFTER we shut down the FED and arrest those running it – -- instead --Beck is holding a big August 28, 2010 rally devoted to “Honor.” Now I’m all for Honor – but understand the Rush, Hannity, Beck, etc. – are not allowed to talk about the solutions I just detailed above. They talk about a lot of good things that they are allowed to talk about – and that they believe in – in order to get your confidence. But they are being used by their employers (the same Russian Khazar “Jewish” Money Masters who are using their American citizenship to destroy America) – to run out the clock as the Communist plan behind Obummer continues.


I’ve seen the phrase, “Vote like your life depended on it.” Oh, yeah? What Rush, Hannity, Beck are not going to tell you is that, except in 20% of New Hampshire and a few very small counties out west – your “vote” is controlled by the four Rothschild mega-companies, Diebold, ES & S, Sequoia, and Hart. They monitor the vote as it happens, and switch is by direct computer access, or modem – if the voters did “vote right.” I’ve screamed about this till I’m hoarse since 1979, but this hoax continues. (See the eye-witness report on how AP wire is given access to the election computers on election night to monitor and change the vote – at on the right hand column; see Christopher Bollyn’s article: “How a Private Company Counts our votes on Election Night.”) My upcoming campaign in the next two months for Congress against John Boehner will hit all these issues – the very ones that John Boehner and the rest of Congress and the big Talk Show hosts are not allowed to tell you about, or won’t. In the case of how money should be issued in our country, I don’t think any of them know enough about the subject to be able to tell you.