Friday, November 12, 2010

The crucifixion of John Demjanjuk proceeds on schedule

by Michael Hoffman


Of the tens of thousands of Israeli war criminals and many times that number of Judaic-Communist war criminals, including Solomon Morel who was harbored in the Israeli state, not one has ever faced a war crimes tribunal. Not one! They are all immune; rendered invulnerable by virtue of their sainted ethnicity. Consequently, what we see transpiring in a German kangaroo court against Demjanjuk is international Talmudic supremacy in full flower. Christianity has been defanged. The proof is a spectacle like this one, wherein crypto-rabbis bearing titles such as bishop, cardinal and pope are as mute as moth-eaten carnival puppets. The last vestiges of their thundering medieval anathemas are reserved solely for Muslim outrages, even though none of these latter-day crusaders investigates the covert role of western intelligence agencies in shaping and manipulating Al-Qaeda-type groups into betraying Islam’s centuries-old proscriptions against harming civilians or committing suicide.

There is no powerful businessman, media executive or judge anywhere in the non-Muslim, non-Arab world who attempts to expose Judaic supremacy. In attacking George Soros as one of the many Judaic collaborators with the Nazis, Glenn Beck competes with the ADL, to see who can be more philo-Judaic. The ADL explains that as a teenager at the time, Soros can’t be blamed for anti-Judaic activity; while Mr. Beck insists that he should be, for the sake of unnamed Judaics whose welfare is always the supreme object of Beck’s adoration. Even when they tell the truth about a Nazi collaborator like billionaire Soros, bigshots on the American Right such as Glenn Beck have to frame it in the most servile shades of Judaic-worship.

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