Monday, January 17, 2011

What Glenn Beck is not Allowed to Talk About

by: Jim Condit, Jr.

Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh – and all the lesser lights of Talk Radio and Cable TV – are not allowed to talk about the very things that the millions of “Tea Party” members need to hear.

1. All of the millions of Tea Party members should drop EVERYTHING until they are all either running for precinct executive (sometimes called committeeman, or some other name, depending on what part of
the country we’re talking about) – or know HOW to run for precinct as soon as the calendar allows.

About 1/3rd of the precinct positions in both the Democratic and Republican parties are vacant right now – so if you hang around the major party of your choice you can probably get appointed precinct executive in your precinct if it is vacant. (Most people in the Tea Party movement will probably pick the Republican Party, but there are enough Tea Party people to enter BOTH the Democratic and Republican party and then to TAKE OVER both of them.)

And that’s the reason that Glenn Beck is not allowed to talk about the precinct strategy. Because THAT’s the answer as to how to peacefully and constitutionally TAKE OVER the Democratic and Republican parties at the county, then state, then national levels – then change the Congress, arrest the crooks in New York City and Washington D.C. – and save the country.

Oh, yes – Rush has mentioned the precinct strategy at least once as a good idea – and Glenn Beck promoted it on the day the New York Times directed Tea Party supporters nationwide to look into the
“false opposition” precinct group founded by Cincinnati mortgage banker Phil Glass – but these mega-talk show hosts are NOT allowed to repeatedly tell people about the precinct strategy – for instance, as they are allowed to tell people to “VOTE THEM OUT.” The Ruling Elite allows them to tell people to VOTE – because they know they control the vote via secret computer programs as explained at

If you’re not clear on the precinct strategy and why it is ESSENTIAL to taking America back – see the 13 minute video at the top of

2. Glenn Beck is not allowed to talk about how AP Wire, NEP (National Election Pool) – which is jointly owned by the 5 Big TV Networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and FOX) AND the 5 Big TV Networks themselves – all conspire with the four private mega-companies (Diebold, ES & S, Hart, Sequoia) which run 99% of our election system by easily-rigged, secret computer programs. He is not
allowed to talk about how the Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee worked together over the last 30 years to cajol, arm-twist, or bribe 3000 local county Boards of Elections to ALL choose either Diebold, ES & S, Hart or Sequoia, or a front company for one of these four mega-companies, to run their local, county elections on easily rigged, secret computer programs.

Each election night these conspirators named above make sure that we (the American people) win A FEW – but that the balance of power remains in THEIR (the Ruling Elite’s) criminal hands.

Every Tea Party member should begin demanding loudly that we throw out all computers, and hand count PAPER BALLOTS at the local precinct, using local voters from that precinct selected at random
and paid for their efforts. And all paper ballots must be counted BEFORE they leave the sight of the local neighborhood precinct judges. THIS WOULD PREVENT THE CROOKS IN NEW YORK CITY AT NEP AND AP WIRE from stealing or warping enough important elections to keep their “New World Order” tyranny programs in progress. And this is precisely why Glenn Beck et al are not allowed to talk about this subject at all, let alone in as clear a manner as I am here explaining it to you.

If Beck, Hannity, or Limbaugh began talking about our hi-jacked election system by the above culprits – they would be gone within a few days.

3. HONEST MONEY. On this point, I don’t think Glenn, Sean, or Rush would even know what to say. The criminal, privately owned FED (Federal Reserve Board) issues every dollar we see in circulation
as a DEBT to the people. As Congressman Louis McFadden said circa 1933 – the FED is the biggest $$ scam in all of history. The answer is an Americanized version of Social Credit, or “Free Enterprise Economics.” (By the way, this system is also the antidote to, I’m sorry to say, the FALSE system of Austrian Economics supported by Congressman Ron Paul and Senator Rand Paul.) In the natural order, nothing will change until we institute honest money administered by honest Americans.

See the following three links if you don’t know what I’m talking about here:

The Money Myth Exploded, a cartoon parable followed by two essays -- by Louis Even:

This speech by Jeremy Lee on youtube is pretty excellent to back up the “Money Myth Exploded” article: – PartI of a six part youtube.

To understand the what the culprits have been up to, search for “The Money Masters” or “The Secret of Oz” on google video, and maybe on Youtube.

“This Age of Plenty” by Louis Even – the book in chapters online:

And finally:

4. WHO WE ARE FIGHTING. Which happens to be the top wirepullers of Judeo-Masonry around the FED, the IMF, the 5 Big TV Networks, etc. etc. etc. Here is my documentation page on that subject –
the subject it will be hardest for Tea Party members nationwide to face:

All those who entered the precinct system in the Republican party realize that, if they were showing any strength – they were eventually met with tremendous hostility and opposition from the REPUBLICAN county and state leaders. Why? Because 99% of the party chairman at the county levels are – whether they know it or not – front men for the criminal, anti-American, and anti-Christian FED banksters in New York City and Washington D.C. These opportunistic or brain dead politicos – even though they are our neighbors – need to be replaced with honest Americans who will support the true freedoms in the Constitution, honest money, honest voting – and have their eyes wide
open as to who we are fighting: the “Jewish Crime and Treason Syndicate”, as made visible in AIPAC, the ADL, etc. -- which runs our media, our money, and our three branches of government.

For new readers, just as it was not “anti-Italian” to oppose the Sicilian run mafia years ago – it is not “anti-semitic” or “anti-Jewish” to opposed the “Jewish Crime and Treason Syndicate” running and
ruining our country today. In both instances, only a small fraction of the everyday people in either group were involved in the criminal activities.

For all you brain-washed Evangelicals who have been deceived by the likes of hirely John Hagee: Christ fought the Money Changers of His day – you fight the Money Changers of our day. Christ fought the Pharisees of His day – you fight the Pharisees of OUR day.

(See essays by the Rev. Ted Pike at to unravel your brain from the anti-Biblical deceptions of John Hagee.)

These are the things that Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh are not allowed to talk about, -- among some others we will cover at another time.

Pray for our nation.

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