Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Commentary on the Death of Osama Bin Laden

by: Jim Condit, Jr.

The “killing of Bin Laden” was one of the clumsiest made-up stories yet by the evil Ruling Elite. Here are some facts and thoughts:

1. Bin Laden was “killed” at about 10 PM EST on a Sunday night on the Communist (Talmudic-Khazar “Jewish”) May Day, May 1, -- year 2011.

2. Within three or four hours – at about 2 AM EST, when most of the USA wasn’t watching because people were sleeping or getting ready for bed – the Big News Media announces Bin Laden’s body has been “destroyed at sea” according to “Islamic burial laws.” (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

(I happened to be up at this time, as I am a bit of night owl most of the time; it’s easier to do research, writing, and planning – when the phone calls aren’t coming in.)

3. As the Big News Media (100% under control of the Talmudic Jewish Crime and Treason Syndicate) announced the “destruction of Bin Laden’s body at sea according to Islamic burial laws” – Coast to Coast AM Talk Show Host, George Noory, heard on over 600 major AM stations around the country and the world, -- is incredulous. Noory does everything but say that he believes it is an outright lie. (Since then Noory treats respectfully both those who don’t believe the
official mainstream story about Bin Laden, and those who do. Of course, Noory wouldn’t be on these stations if he wasn’t part of the approved propaganda, but no time to go into that too much now. As far as mainstream hosts go, Noory is one of the best because he lets more info out on his show. However, he either willingly, or is forced, to pepper his programs with plenty of UFO garbage, which signals to most people that ALL his shows should be taken with a grain of salt, thus negating the good info he gets out. He thus contaminates the good information in the minds of 80% plus of the American people whom the Ruling Elite is concerned about continuously brainwashing. The Top Info-Crooks know that 5 to 20% of us see through their made-up stories, but don’t care.)

4. It is announced that Obummer and his crew watch the killing on closed circuit TV, thanks to “helmet cameras” on the Navy seals, or special forces people, who “killed Bin Laden.” (The Mossad probably did make up a Hollywood production for Obummer to watch. Once he announced the “killing of Bin Laden” – he was stuck, no matter how much he noticed the contradictions of the story in the next few hours and days. I don’t think either Bush or Obummer are high enough up to be trusted with the real information on such hoaxes as 9-11 and the “assassination of Bin Laden”.)

5. It was said at first that one of Bin Laden’s wives was also killed. It was initially said Bin Laden was armed and tried to fight back.

6. Within a few days the story changes so many times it becomes a comedy monologue on the Michael (Weiner) Savage talk show. The White House announces all kinds of versions, such as Bin Laden was armed, then unarmed. His wife who was present tried to shoot back, then merely lunged at one of the assassins with a knife. MOST significantly, it is claimed that ALL of the helmet cameras went down during the five minutes of the killing of Bin Laden – SO THERE IS NO VIDEO AFTER ALL!!!! (Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!)

7. And no pictures will be released. All kinds of explanations are given for this – but the bottom line is that there is no evidence AT ALL that Bin Laden was found, seen, or killed. After about 48 to 72 hours, the White House info-thugs say they will make no further comments. (Wonder why?)

8. Of course, the whole thing was a hoax. Islamic law does NOT require someone who was killed on the land to be buried at sea. (But the “buried at sea” story does give a “reason” why there can be no checking on this “made for TV Hollywood movie.”)

9. In fact, numerous credible reports (outside the USA) stated that Bin Laden had died circa 2003, probably of kidney failure, although some say he was murdered. There is a video of the now assassinated Pakistan leader, Mrs. Benizar Bhutto, from November 2,, 2007 on a David Frost show in Great Britain. Bhutto matter-of-factly states in explaining something else that Bin Laden is dead – and, furthermore, mentions his funeral. The Big Media “Lady of the Evening” David Frost IGNORES the comment and goes on to something else as if Bhutto had said nothing astounding. Frost thus reveals that that this was not to be spoken of on the western media, and he didn’t even want to ask Bhutto anything about her earth-shaking statement, lest she provide more details that could be checked out.

Here is the video clip,


And an article about it here on Lew Rockwell’s website:


10. First reports said that Bin laden was in a lavish and well protected mansion. Now it’s out that the building is kind of run down dump – a few blocks from Pakistan’s equivalent of West Point. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) What a good place for Bin Laden to hide!

11, in cases like 9-11-01 and the “killing of Bin Laden” on Communist May Day 2011 – this is the Big Media modus operandi. The Traitor-Big-Media just quits commenting on all the absurdities and contradictions of the story, knowing (such as in the Bin Laden “killing”) that the initial reports announced by non-Citizen Obummer himself at 10 PM EST on Sunday Night – in Prime Time – is what will stick with 80% plus of the people. (Like Robert DeNiro said in the movie “Wag the Dog” when challenged by a CIA operative about the totally phony war he had manipulated the Media into carrying, “Sure it’s true. I just saw it on TV.” That’s how the Hollywood-Washington-Bankster axis of evil really works when it comes to totally made-up fairy tale propaganda.

12. You can learn more about the many “deaths” of Bin Laden by doing a google search.

13. This giving Obummer credit for the “assassination of Bin Laden” has several real purposes for the Ruling Elite. He has already been helpful in getting our deplorable and traitorous Congress to extend the absolutely unconstitutional provisions of the Police State Act, -- uh, or – I mean “The Patriot Act.” And they are going to try to convince us that “retaliation” from Al-CIA-duh, - uh, or – I mean Al Qauda – means we must “ramp up” “the war on terror” – which means the war on you and me and all decent people worldwide by the orchestraters of the “war on terror”, the Talmudic-Jewish Crime and Treason Syndicate.

14. The Media production of Bin Laden’s “assassination” signals that the Rothschild Banksters around the FED, the IMF, and Goldman Sachs – want Obummer in for a second term. IF – IF – IF our prescription for action is not followed by a few millions of concerned US citizens, they will get away with such a selection-election AGAIN
– as they have every presidential election since at least as far back as 1988. (When the media propaganda failed, the secret computer-count fraud kicks in.) And they will get away with such Communist, anti-American, secretly counted elections -- without significant harm to their attempts to usher in their hoped-for New World Order Tyranny. – But –

But -- It’s not over yet!

Intelligent action, backed by prayer, can still save the day.


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