Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fredrick Toben Fights Bankruptcy Proceedings

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People sometimes wonder why I am grateful to live in the USA, which was founded as a Republic in revolt against the British Crown. Dr. Toben's troubles emanate in part from British Crown law that permits the masonic enshrinement of Zionists above the rest of humanity. Observe the "limited intelligence" of a law that protects "Jewish people" from being "insulted and abused" on the Internet.

Pray tell, does masonic Crown jurisprudence have any law in effect that protects German people of the World War II generation from being "insulted and abused" in Australia? If so, has this law ever been enforced to bankrupt rabbinic German-haters? I don't think so. Anti-German bigots are not prosecuted in the British Commonwealth, where Zionists may execrate Arabs, Christians and Teutons to their heart's content. In Australia, Deborah Lipstadt can deny the holocaust against Dresden in February, 1945 with impunity; her fellow Zionists enjoy the right to deny the Israeli holocausts in Beirut in August, 1982 and Gaza in January, 2009. They are free to deny the resurrecton of Jesus Christ, but woe to any goy in a British Commonwealth country who "denies" the sacred icon of the gas chambers.

God bless America's Founding Fathers.

Happy 67th Birthday Fredrick Toben.

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