Thursday, April 9, 2009

Can the guardians of "The Freedom Press" Come Out of Hiding?

By Debbie Menon

It has been a known fact for very long, that the Israel Lobby and its friends have used intimidation, friendly alliances and outright ownership of the public infotainment and educational media to manipulate, American public opinion about Government Officials, appointees, American educators and any others who either criticize the unholy actions of Israel or its policies. They have had a firm and unrestrained hand doing this because of their widespread influence in American business, advertising, education, media ownership and have intimidated just about everyone in positions of decision and responsibility into compliance with their objectives and directions.

It is sort of an offer that no one in position has been able to refuse…."

If you wanna play in this game, you play by our rules... or else!

What they did, or tried to do to Charles Freeman, is nothing new; What the Chas Freeman Fight Was Really About this, and much worse, has been done to quite a few, whose academic tenures have been blocked by men afraid to stand up for their own faculty against the Israel Lobby.

The same self-interest causes American journalists to serve as shills for Israeli and US government propaganda and the US Congress to endorse Israeli war crimes that the rest of the world condemns. Yes, it worked, in a way; but they are getting blowback which will make theirs a pyrrhic victory!

We hear the tide is turning. It is about time!
The Times, they are changing;
The question is…

Can the guardians of 'The Freedom Press' come out of hiding?

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