Sunday, April 5, 2009

Why Fearing the Police Is Not Irrational

by Brian Cohoon

There was a day in America when we, the people, had great respect for the police. When they would ask you how you are doing, they sincerely wanted to know because they cared. That day has passed with barely a whisper or complaint. Today when a cop (they prefer to be called Police Officers, as they feel "cop" is somewhat derogatory) asks you how you are, they are not doing it because they care but rather to set you at ease so you feel that their follow-up questions are friendly and benign. Since for most of us, our likely contact with the police is during a traffic stop (this is actually an arrest. If you do not believe this, try and leave the scene of the top, or not stop in the first place), and the follow-up questions inevitably will be:

1. Where are you coming from (sic)?
2. Where are you going?
3. What are you doing?
4. Do you have anything illegal in your possession?

What they are not doing is being friendly, but rather they are fishing for information to give them probable cause to search you and your vehicle.

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