Tuesday, March 23, 2010

THE END OF AMERICA? It's up to you!

by: John Darash of National Precinct Activists 2010

If you don’t stand up now tomorrow WILL BE too late, help us save America! Go to http://takebacktherepublic.net/ and learn how to become a committeeman and help us build a true grass roots coalition.

THIS IS A CALL TO ACTION please don’t assume others will do it because you are the other to others and they have not, will you?

WE NEED COORDINATORS NOW. Learn about > http://takebacktherepublic.net/coordinators-duties

16 States need a coordinator: - Alaska; Colorado; Delaware; Hawaii; Kansas; Kentucky; Maine; Maryland; Nebraska; New Hampshire; Rhode Island; South Carolina; South Dakota; Vermont; West Virginia; Wyoming; we also are looking for 3100 county coordinators:

Some existing state coordinators are not active and have not been communicating with the members in their group, please come to our meetings on Wednesday evening at 9PM EST and help us build this coalition or pass the position to someone who will. Learn more - http://takebacktherepublic.net/paltalk We all need to visit http://takebacktherepublic.net/ daily to check our in-box, communicate with your group and get up to date on the process.

If you are concerned about the state of our Republic and want to learn what you can do to save and preserve our liberty for yourself and your posterity join http://takebacktherepublic.net/ and come to Wednesday night online meetup at http://takebacktherepublic.net/paltalk.