Friday, March 26, 2010

Who do the Tea Party People Think They were Fighting?

by Jim Condit, Jr.

Who do the Tea Party People think they were fighting up on Capitol Hill?

Why do you have that sinking feeling in your stomach that no matter what you do, the “other side” will win?

Why? WHY???

Because deep down inside you have figured out, at least subconsciously, that the “HOUSE” (as in casinos) has fixed the game against you – against us. And I’m not talking about the House of Representatives – I’m talking about the House that has the power to “break the arms and legs” of your Congress Critters until THEY get them to do what THEY want.

And the game is going to remained fixed – as long as you refuse to face reality.

BUT – the game can ONLY remain fixed – IF you CONTINUE to refuse to face reality.

BUT – many cling to fairy tales, and refuse to face reality, because all the “Leaders” the other side has propped up to be YOUR leaders – feed you comfortable falsehoods, -- the falsehoods they are paid to feed you, while simultaneously they refuse to touch the very TRUTHS that you need to know and to spread.

* * * * *

I have published these truths in this Network America ewire since January 10, 2000. But only a relative handful have listened, and even fewer have supported these efforts – efforts that would win back the country if enough people would quit being diverted by the FALSE OPPOSITION Leaders that are propped up by our sworn enemies – and follow the effective strategies I have repeatedly told you about.

* * * * * *

Tea Party People – LISTEN UP!

Last weekend (March 21, 2010) – while you were writing and visiting and calling and emailing your BOUGHT-AND-PAID-FOR Congress Critters -- you were fighting the criminal AIPAC – the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

It is THEY, and their fellow travelers in their anti-American Crime Syndicate, who are the FRONT MEN for the House of Rothschild, the puppeteers who make “our” Congress Critters and Presidents dance before our eyes.

These traitors to the USA are all citizens of the little imposter country called “Israel” ----- OOPS – OOPS !!!! --- --- all the pathetically brainwashed Evangelicals – the Evangelicals brainwashed by the Pharisee-rewarded hirelings, namely, the late Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and the comical John Hagee – have JUST LEFT THE BUILDING!!!!!!

As soon as these pathetic, brainwashed Evangelicals hear any criticism of the counterfeit “Jewish” Lobby in the USA, or of the counterfeit “state of Israel” – they believe that the critic is striking God Himself, and will be cursed by God – and they “leave the building”, as they simultaneously leave behind their brain, their Christianity, and their soul.

By this anti-Biblical view, the first Man “cursed by God” was Christ Himself, who told off the Jews who rejected Him as bluntly as anyone could – in St. John, Chapter 8, especially around verse 44. And it says right there, and in St. John Chapter 7, that these Pharisee Jews began plotting to kill Him once he told them off.

All you brain-washed Evangelicals who are still reading – go straight to “The Other Israel” on google video – by the Rev. Ted Pike. Here you will learn how SICK is the anti-Christ work of Hagee, Falwell, and Robertson with regard to modern-day “Jews” and modern day “Israel.”


Modern day Jews are primarily neither Hebrews, nor followers of the Old Testament.

REPEAT: the vast majority of modern day “Jews” are neither Hebrews, nor have they ever followed the Old Testament. So you Evangelicals who follow Hagee are deceived on two levels.

You are treating as “Jews” those who are largely from a tribe who were known in the Bible as the Edomites. The Edomites mixed with the Hebrews in the Babylonian Captivity, circa 200 years before the time of Christ. And then the fierce Mongolian tribe in the middle of Russia – the Khazars – converted to TALMUDIC Judaism (not Old Testament Judaism) in the 10th century.

And the Talmud is NOT the Old Testament. The Talmud says that Christ was justly “hanged on a tree” by the Chief Priest and Rabbis, that Christ dies five deaths in Hell every day, one by boiling excrement; that it is permissible to cheat and even kill Christians (goyim, or human cattle), and many, many more horrible things. As author Michael Collins Piper says, “Who put the mud in the TalMUD?”


See the Book of the Apocalyse 2:9 and 3:9, spelled out below.

See the New York Times best seller by the late Jewish scholar Arthur Koestler circa 1973, “The Thirteenth Tribe” – to verify that around 80% of the “Jews” in Israel are NOT Hebrews, but Khazars. And see Benjamin Freedman’s pamphlets, “Facts are Facts.”

Regarding the anti-Christ and anti-Biblical nature of the horrifying Talmud, see Michael A. Hoffman’s scholarly tome, “Judaism Discovered”, released just a few years ago.

And, to repeat, go straight to Ted Pike’s 58 min documentary, “The Other Israel”, found on google video.


See the Rev. Ted Pike’s recent articles addressed to the Tea Party:

The first is entitled, “Jewish Attack Groups Threaten Tea Party” from March 8, 2010:

And the 2nd article is entitled, “How God and the Tea Party Can Save America” from January 18, 2010:

And Ted Pike addresses “who” are Abraham’s children in this piece:

This is a good article for Hagee-Robertson-Falwell brainwashed Evangelicals, but I think it is slightly off point. Better sources are the books of Fr. Denis Fahey, such as “The Mystical Body of Christ in the modern world”, and a certain passage from the Catholic scholar, Dom Gueranger.

Dom Prosper Gueranger wrote about the Good Friday Prayer recited in Catholic Churches before the eclipse of the Church began in 1958: (paraphrase) When the Jews followed the Pharisees before Pilate and cried out, “We have no King but Caesar”, -- it was at that moment that the religion of the Old Covenant had no further reason for existence, and gave way to the advent of the Messiah, and the New Covenant; it was at this moment that the Jews forfeited their rights and privileges under the Old Covenant. (This is on pages 459 to 460, “The Liturgical Year for Passiontide and Holy Week”, Newman Press, 1949.)

(This does not mean that the prophecies of the Old and New Testament are not going to be fulfilled regarding the Jews who righteously accept the Messiah, -- but it will be by the MERCY of God (not any obligation) to such righteous Jews who ACCEPT the Savior.

In today’s world, one relatively small band of “Old Testament” Jews stands against the imposters using the name “Jews” who run Israel and now most of our Federal government, and that group can be found at --


This faction of modern day imposter “Jews” are the spiritual descendants of those whom Christ addressed in St. John, Chapter 8, especially around verse 44 – and whom are identified in Apocalypse (Revelation) 2:9 and 3:9, i.e., those who say they are Jews, but are not, and do lie – and who comprise the synagogue of Satan. Check it out for yourself.

Christ called the Jews who rejected Him in St. John, Chapter 8, “sons of the devil”, who will do Satan’s lusts of murdering and lying down through the ages. Don’t believe me. Check it out for yourself.


Falwell, Hagee, and Robertson, -- all made multi-millionaires by the anti-Christ, imposter “Jews” of our day – have somehow convinced you that you can look the other way regarding the crimes of the organized “Jewish Lobby” in this country, and of the murderous crimes of “Israel” in the Mideast.

Christ did not look the other way.

HE threw the Money Changers out of the Temple – YOU start working to throw the Money Changers out of the Temple.

Christ told the Pharisees off for their crimes and oppression in the Gospel of St. John, Chapter 8, and they immediately began plotting to kill Him, as recorded right there in Holy Scripture, in the Gospel of St. John, chapters 7 and 8.

YOU start speaking truth to and about the modern day Pharisees and modern day “Jews”, who have BANNED the New Testament in Israel (!!!!!!) under pain of a prison term.

Do not cower in the corner “for fear of the Jews” – (St. John, Ch. 13, v. 7). Pick up YOUR cross and follow Christ in this all important matter.

And, by the way, Evangelicals who follow Hagee, – HOW are you blessing the imposter Jews today when you look the other way while they are murdering the Palestinians in large numbers, and lying and deceiving most of the nations of the world on one matter or another? HOW are you blessing these imposter Jews by following James Hagee and Billy Graham and telling them that they have a separate deal whereby they can get to heaven without going through Jesus Christ. (At least the late Jerry Falwell – admirably -- would never compromise on that point!)

Another point: Yiddish is a language that came about from a mixing of Hebrew and Khazarian. Check it out.

And another: look at Jack Benny, Benjamin Netanyahu, Menachim Begin, Ariel Sharon, Milton Berle, Senator Charles Schumer, Weekly Standard Editor, Bill Kristol, Norman Lear, Kirk Douglas, Michael Douglas – these are all Khazar Russian “Jews” – they are not Hebrews, and they are not Semites.


Let’s return our attention back to the most powerful – and the most evil – lobby, or special interest group, in Washington D.C.: AIPAC, The American Israel Political Affairs Committee, and their fellow travelers in treason.

Here are three prominent imposter “Jewish” run groups that need to be dealt with by American and Christian patriots:

a) The ADL – the so-called Anti-Defamation League, headed by Abe Foxman, which spends its time defaming loyal Americans like Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul, columnist Joseph Sobran, former Congressman James Traficant, -- and anybody else standing up for America. The ADL is headed by Abe Foxman, who made it a top priority to oppose Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ

B. The so-called Southern Poverty Law Institute which has over $20 million in the bank, and has recently made it their sordid business to persecute and hound the great Christian patriot, Lt. Naval Commander John Sharpe.

C. And -- the abominable ACLU, friend of pedophiles, baby-murdering Abortion “doctors”, and artists who blaspheme Christ, His Blessed Mother, and Christians.

Another fellow traveler of AIPAC is the World Jewish Congress. The operatives of these organizations are all DUAL citizens – citizens of the USA and citizens of “Israel.” This – dual citizenship -- should be illegal in the first place.

Professors Walt of Harvard and Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago published their book, “The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy.” This is a scholarly work about the immense influence of the Israeli Lobby – for which the authors were called “anti-Semitic” by all of these groups, who apparently feel they should be above criticism or analysis.

EVERYONE with a brain in Washington eventually knows that this gang of criminals runs the Big Media, the Federal Reserve Board, Congress, and the White House – whether the Republicans or Democrats are in power. This has been FIRMLY the case since at least 1992 – although probably since 1974. (Nixon and John F. Kennedy, despite their faults, were the last Presidents to stand up to these traitorous thugs in some significant way.)

These imposter “Jewish” Groups constitute a “nation within our nation” – and they support everything evil that the Tea Party people are opposing. They support Communism for you and your children – while they are implementing millionaire and billionaire status for themselves and their allies – to MANAGE the rest of us Communist slaves.


Here are the VITAL truths, basic to the survival of our nation as a free country, which the BIG MEDIA HIRELINGS do not talk about, and telegraph to you – that YOU should not talk about them either:

1. The existence of the powerful “Israel Lobby” and how organized it is, and how evil it is.

2. The fact that 99% of our local counties have adopted secretly counted computerized elections which operated on secret software; that EVERY key election outside of part of New Hampshire can easily be fixed by this organized one of their four large, sinister companies: Diebold, ES & S, Hart, and Sequoia. (Reporter Christopher Bollyn uncovered in year 2000 evidence which strongly indicated that the software which told our USA election computers what to do came from “Israel” through a Russian Jew and former KGB agent. (See “Death Threats Enter Votescam Investigation for the Second Time” here:

3. That all major television and radio stations are now controlled by this same anti-American Jewish crime syndicate. (See

4. That Obama cannot produce his birth certificate, and that therefore he is not a citizen of the United States, and that therefore every piece of legislation he signs is null and void. (This one issue alone shows that Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck are taking part, willingly or unwillingly, in some kind of a Big Time Wrestling-type scam on the people of the United States of America.)

5. That 9-11 (terror attacks in 2001) was a crime against the people of the United States by the dark side of the government of Israel and their Neo-Con Jewish assets in Washington D.C. and New York City. (Contrary to the false conspiracy theories immediately planted by the perpetrators, these 9-11 terror attacks were not done by George W. Bush, or “our” government.) Recently over 1000 architects and Engineers held press conferences through their representatives demanding a new investigation into 9-11 because they said the story cannot be true. This group of professionals did not attempt to identify who the perpetrators might be. These press conferences did hit as minor stories in the Washington Post and other mainstream newspapers. For WHODUNIT -- see also “911 Mysteries” by Sofia at; 911missinglinks documentary at ; and Carol Valentine’s article published in October, 2001, entitled: “Operation 911: No Suicide Pilots” at --

6. That the hub of the control of this Jewish Crime Syndicate comes from their ability to issue OUR United States money in secret, a power that Congress SHOULD strip NOW from the Rothschild-Rockefeller corporation deceptively known as the Federal Reserve. (See “The Money Masters” on google video; “The Creature from Jekyll Island” book by G. Edward Griffin, and his speech in 2006 by the same title; the original book on this subject was “Secrets of the Federal Reserve” by the recently deceased Eustace Mullins, published in the 1950s.)

And, the most important suppression of all:

7. That the Precinct Strategy is the ONLY way to take back this country peacefully and constitutionally – via firing the bad party leaders, replacing them with good ones, -- and then endorsing good congressional candidates to replace the current traitors and nitwits in congress. (Rush, Sean, Glenn, Savage, Laura Ingraham, O’Reilly – are all allowed to tell you to vote, vote, vote ad nauseum – because the elections can be fixed by secret computer “counts” by the four major companies listed above. – But they are NOT allowed to emphasize, or even mention in most case, -- the one SOLUTION, namely, Precinct Project in which normal Americans could cooperate together a few hours a year to take back the country. (See “The Strangest Political Secret” at --- Do you imagine that I’m a lot smarter than Rush, Sean, Glenn, etc.? I don’t think so. – And all these Big Media Mouths are being bombarded with emails weekly on the Precinct Strategy. More about this in the next ewire.)

I will close this ewire by suggesting that everyone go to the google video entitled, “Congressman Paul Findley Dares to Speak Out – Again”, where the former Congressman, now 80 years old, explains exactly how AIPAC and the ORGANIZED “Jewish” Lobby controls Congress and the state legislatures.

Because of the degree of brainwashing, I’d better add that we are not talking about the everyday Jewish person who is operating on the “street level” – and has been historically abused by this same billionaire Jewish crime syndicate, -- such as during the World War II period by the Hitler-Nazi-Zionist connection (see for more details on this fascinating but suppressed information.)

Please, Dear People trying to save our nation, --think on these things.

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Thank you.

Jim Condit Jr.

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