Friday, March 12, 2010

A Salute to Jim Traficant

Jamie Kelso's salute to former U.S. Congressman (1985-2002) James Traficant is the subject of today’s show. Jim Traficant was targeted by AIPAC and the Israel Lobby in 2002 for federal persecution on completely phony charges, prosecuted with false testimony by corrupt Department of Justice officials. Traficant, who was very popular as a man of the people in the White Democratic industrial Mahoning Valley around Youngstown, Ohio, along the Pennsylvania state line, was railroaded in a “bribery and tax evasion” trial that sent him to harsh, dangerous, and inhumane imprisonment for seven years. Traficant got out of federal prison in September 2009. He believes that those seven years were intended to both break and kill him. But Traficant is made of very tough stuff, and is now launched on a nationwide effort to pick up the fight for taking back America right where he left off.

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