Sunday, March 22, 2009

First Black President to Reinstate Slavery?

By Larken Rose

When tyrants want to take the next big step towards
totalitarianism, they usually toss out some "trial balloons," both to see how people react and to begin desensitizing people to the new fascist agenda. If they're smart, they first propose a big leap toward totalitarianism, and then cut it back to a small step. By
contrast, the peasants will not only be pleased with the smaller step, but will be trained to think that the larger step is at least debatably a good idea.

The American tyrants, and those in other countries, have done this over and over again with "gun control" (peasant disarmament), taxation, regulation, and so on. They suggest something startlingly bad, then scale it back to only mildly obnoxious, and pass it. And they keep doing it over and over again, until they've imposed all sorts of things that in the past seemed outrageous. And since hardly anyone thinks from PRINCIPLE, it works. Most people just compare what is being proposed to what already is, assuming that what already is must be more or less rational. For example, the feds steal HALF of what everyone earns, and then bicker over little increases here and there, each one of which doesn't seem all that important. Whether you're a 49% slave or a 50% doesn't make much difference, and those accustomed to their slavery aren't about to insist on 0% slavery. That would require them to think based upon PRINCIPLES, which most Americans are utterly incapable of.

A recent trial balloon of the Obama Regime came in the form of H.R.45, proposing national gun registration, and enough "regulations" to basically amount to universal disarmament. It won't pass, not now anyway, but the Nazis wanted to see how people would react to the idea, and begin to get the people used to it. For now, they'll take smaller steps, like reinstating the "Depriving the People of the Means of Resistance Act" of 2009--also known as the reinstatement of the Clinton "Assault Weapons Ban." (The weapons targeted there are NOT used in any significant amount of crime, but ARE used throughout the world to resist tyrannical regimes. So why does the GOVERNMENT not want YOU to have them? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out.)

But, among all the fascist "trial balloons" already being floated by the Obama Regime--and there are quite a few--one recently came out that is particularly absurd. Again, the real intent, and the real long term goal, was included in the initial proposal, but has since disappeared from what is likely to pass in the near future. Again, the tyrants want us getting used to the idea, while pretending to "compromise" by toning down their fascism for the time being.

I am speaking of the Orwellianishly titled, "Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education" (GIVE) Act. Now, anyone who has actually thought for a second or two about political philosophy will immediately recognize that having the word "volunteerism" in a "GOVERNMENT" Act is a bald-faced lie. The state is the OPPOSITE of voluntaryism and volunteerism. Everything it does, it does by forcible coercion, no matter how much fluff and
spin is used in an effort to hide that fact.

As originally proposed, the law would have had the federal fascists beginning to consider the question of "[w]hether a workable, fair, and reasonable MANDATORY service requirement for all able young people could be developed." (That wording disappeared from the bill before the House passed it.) A fine synonym for "mandatory service" is "involuntary servitude," a.k.a. SLAVERY (prohibited by the 13th Amendment). In other words, Barack Obama and his fellow Stalinists are proposing reinstating slavery. Of course, it will be for NICE reasons, and have NOBLE goals, so the unthinking American public will probably fail to notice the PRINCIPLE involved: i.e., forced labor is a bad thing. (For now, let's ignore the fact that an "income tax" already amounts to slavery.)

As one who thinks from principles, let me make this perfectly clear: If anyone ever tries to impose a "mandatory service requirement" on MY kid, the results will not be pleasant. There's a reason for the Second Amendment. This is it.

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