Saturday, March 14, 2009

Whom Do You Believe?

To put it bluntly, Pope Pius XII did not believe then or at any time later in his life that a program of extermination of the Jews ever existed. In summary, if 20,000 or more people a day were being killed at Auschwitz, Pius XII, with his contacts there, would have known about it. In other words, if, in addition to the Jewish Ordeal of World War II, the Holocaust actually happened, and he said nothing about it, then he deserves our condemnation. However, if the reverse is true, that is, that there was no Holocaust, as the Allied aerial photography clearly indicates, then it is the Holocaust Fundamentalist accusers of the Beloved Pontiff who deserve our scorn.

By Professor David O’Connell

An Open Letter to the Editors of the Georgia Bulletin, the Weekly Newspaper of the Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta and to the Most Reverend Wilton D. Gregory, Archbishop of Atlanta

I am writing to make a few comments about the sad and depressing article appearing in your edition of February 5, 2009 entitled Bishop’s Remarks on Holocaust Repudiated. Your report offers useful documentation on the current state of the Abusive Relationship that exists between the bishops of the Catholic Church and the Holocaust Fundamentalists who run the world’s principal Jewish organizations.

It also documents how, due to this Abusive Relationship, the legacy of the Beloved Pontiff, Pius XII, is being betrayed by church leaders.

The Abusive Relationship

The origins of this Abusive Relationship date back to the years just after Vatican II when well-intentioned bishops dispatched experts to dialogue in their name. But as this dialogue with the Jewish organizations continued, through intermediaries like Eugene Fisher and now his successor, these individuals steadily brought shame upon both the church and themselves. Catholics in the pew, like myself, now observe from afar the sorry spectacle of the princes of the church, from the Bishop of Rome on down, groveling at the feet of the Holocaust Fundamentalists who lead the principal Jewish organizations. Meanwhile, in the background, those who control the Zionist media turn the desired level of pressure up or down, as needed.

Yes, the dialogue that began some forty years ago, has now degenerated into a monologue in which the Jewish abuser heaps insult, scorn, and ridicule on the willing Catholic victims. We have here a classic example of an abuse scenario: the perpetrator, with his quick temper, is bossy and possessive. He pressures the victim to do things that bring dishonor upon him and to say things that are simply not true. Of course, the worst feature of this paradigm is that the abused party, once having grown accustomed to this treatment, no longer even thinks about ending the degrading situation in which he is trapped. That is where we are today and your article offered a clear portrayal of it.

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